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Miya Song Top 5 DAMA Setups


CCS tama•Keyaki Ozora Ken
The CCS•keyaki is a very sentimental setup to me. I used it to compete in MKO which was my first real event. Not to mention the colors go extremely well together.

Natty Classic
I’ve been jamming my natty classic non stop and has grown to become one of my go to setups. I love seeing the work and break in put into a Kendama, especially natty’s.

Green Ozora
A green Ozora was my first Kendama and is still one of favorite Kendama to play till this day. I love the classic feel of an Ozora and it always brings back memories of my first tricks.

Half Split Kaizens
Half Split Kaizens are one of my favorite Kendamas from Kusa. They’re extremely jam-able and colors always come correct.

Zebrano tama•Tk-16 Ken
The zebrano•tk-16 is probably one of the best natty setups I’ve played to date. It breaks in perfect for stalls, durable, and looks super clean in my opinion. A solid jammer forsure.





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New Galaxy colors from Ozora available now!

Ozora released 2 new Galaxy colors this year: the Galaxy Pink Kendama and the Galaxy Green Kendama. We’re happy to have them both available in our store now! See them for yourself HERE.

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Ozora Dragon Kendamas available now!

The year of the Dragon is approaching, and Ozora has it’s new Kendama ready. Available with both a metallic black, and metallic gold tama. Each Dragon Kendama includes an extra string.
Check them out now in the shop

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All hail the Emperor

The Emperor is in a class of its own.  Made by Ozora, this GIANT Kendama dwarfs all others.  It’s an amazing Kendama for performances and those brave enough (and strong enough) to take on this challenge.  The Emperor stands approximately 34.5 cm tall (about 13.5 inches) and weighs nearly 2 pounds.  To give some scale, see the image here.  The Kendama on the left is the standard red Ozora.  The Kendama on the right is the Taiyo Jumbo Ozora.

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New Ozora Kendamas in the store now!!

Some of the new Ozoras have arrived!! Check em out at the Kendama USA Online Store!!

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