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Kendama USA Pro Team Contest 2011


The 2011 Pro Team Contest begins NOW!!!


Each year we add one new member to the Kendama USA Pro Team.  What is a Pro?  A Kendama USA Pro

is a player who demonstrates extraordinary technical skill, creativity, and is active in promoting and sharing

Kendama with others in a positive way.



This year our contest will be TWO rounds.  The finalists from round 1 will advance to the round 2.

Round 1 is an online video edit contest, with a MAXIMUM length of 3 minutes.  This edit should be a mix of tricks

and lifestyle.  Of course we want to see that you have skills, but we also want to “meet” the person behind the

Kendama.  We want to learn who you are, why you play Kendama, and your hobbies and interests that AREN’T

Kendama.  We want to see how Kendama fits into your daily life, and understand why you would be a good Pro.

This edit should be approximately 1/3 Kendama tricks, and 2/3 lifestyle.

Round 2 will also be a video edit, but focused entirely on Kendama playing.  If you advance into this round, you

will have several extra weeks to make your edit for Round 2.  More details for round 2 will be announced after

round 1 is finished.



The current Kendama USA Pro Team will judge the winners based on skill level, creativity, and personality.



The winner of the PRO contest will be given their very own Pro Model Kendama in 2012, and will enjoy all the

perks that come with joining the Kendama USA Pro Team:  Kendama packages that will blow your mind, Pro product

royalties, filming trips, special projects and edits, and a life-changing surprise we have planned for Spring 2012.

and if that wasn’t enough …

There is a very special twist to this year’s Pro Team Contest.  All the finalists who advance from round 1 will be the

very first recipients of our NEW Kendamas, fresh from the factory, before they are available to the public for sale.

While only 1 person can win the Pro Team spot, a handful of top entries in Round 2 will qualify for a special

NEW Kendama USA Team forming in January 2012.  Members of this team will receive Kendama sponsorship, be

involved in product development and testing, Kendama USA edits and events, and much more.



Round 1 begins NOW, and all entries are due by 11:59 PM, NOVEMBER 14th, 2011.

Your edit should be labeled “YOURNAME Kendama USA 2011 Pro Team Contest Entry“.

Upload your finished video to YouTube or Vimeo, and complete the following information:




How long have you played Kendama:

What do you love about Kendama?

What roll does Kendama play in your life?

Why would you be a good pro?

URL link to your video edit (and password if you upload privately):

Contact info and Mailing address for prizes:


Please send us ONE email with the completed questions above, and the link to your edit.  Send your complete

entry to this email address:

****Please do not send multiple emails, do not try to enter via Facebook, and do not try to enter by

submitting to any other email addresses.



details and FAQ:

Why is the lifestyle aspect so important to you? Our Kendama Team is like a small family, and we believe

that Kendama is about much more than simply doing hard tricks.  When it comes to being Pro, we feel

that who you are as a person is just as important as how good you are at playing.

How old do I have to be to enter? There is no age requirement for this contest.

Do I have to live in the USA to enter? No.  We accept submissions worldwide.  Our new

Kendama team will have an international segment, and we encourage anybody who is interested

to enter.

When does round 2 start? We will contact the finalists with details about round 2 at the appropriate

time.  Just focus on round 1 for now!

What should my edit look like? However you want!!  You have complete creative control.

Your edit should be roughly 1/3 tricks, and 2/3 lifestyle.  Use this as a guideline, but PLEASE be as

creative as you want with your edit.  We don’t want to see 100 edits that look identical.  Have fun

with your entry, and show us something fresh!

Can my edit be 3:30, or 4 minutes, or maybe 5 minutes? THREE MINUTES!!!

I’m already sponsored, can I still enter? ANYBODY is welcome to enter the contest.  However, if

you win, please note that we do not co-sponsor with other shops, or other Kendama brands.  You would

be expected to switch sponsors completely if you win.  If you want to enter privately, feel free to password

protect your video and email us your entry.  We will respect your privacy and communicate with you before

anything is made public.  If you have specific questions regarding this, just email us.

How many times can I enter? We prefer that you put your focus and energy into 1 great edit.  Making

multiple edit entries will be distracting.  If you already entered once, but have a great new idea, feel free

to make a 2nd entry.  We will be focusing on one edit, so making multiple entries will not increase your

chances of winning.  We won’t stop you from entering more than once, but we don’t recommend it.

Any advice? Have FUN, have FUN, and have FUN!!!!!  We can’t wait to see your edits!


**if you have any more questions you feel we haven’t answered, please ask in the Comments area below











    This is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there a age limit??

  • Are striped kendamas allowed???

  • no age limit!!

  • yes!!

  • are kendamas from other stores allowed like sweets kendamas?

  • kendamas r beast

  • allowed? of course!

  • waht parts of lifestyle should we use

  • what parts of our lifestyle should we use

  • are jumbo kendamas allowed?

  • Yo Kendamas are beastly! I have a Pro Model Colin Sander I <3 Kendamas

  • Kendama is amazing!!! wish i could do pro tricks

  • i wish i was better… this is awesome!

  • Are Jumbo Kendama’s allowed?

  • what if you have no editing tools could you send like a 1 minute video of kendama tricks and a 2 minute video of you life style?

  • Hey I’m going to enter the contest. What I’m going to do is ride my unicycle and play kendama at the same time, is there an age limit because im 14. Thank You Kendama USA Team!!! :)

  • Are we alllowed to talk to the camera during the video for round 1?

  • what is the age limit?

  • how many people are selected for round 2?

  • sure!

  • yep!!

  • sure if you need, but there are lots of editing programs available, and some free stuff online. plus its a good chance to meet a friend who might be willing to help out. you could teach him Kendama, and he could help you edit?

  • no age limit!

  • YEP!

  • no age limit

  • it’s up to the judges, and will depend on the entries

  • how many entries has their been

  • some :)

  • I wish i was good anuff to be in this.

  • tyler nordeste is the greatest kendama player to walk the earth

  • Can more than one person be in the video plying kendama

  • what are good tricks to get in. And do kids 10-13 get in ever.

  • is there a list of all the pro tricks?
    And are we allowed to have more than one person in our edit?

  • Ihave a jumbo but thts it…… are they allowed?

  • i need an iphone 4 to do my edit or some hd camara or i wont be entering. i’m not gonna win anyway but i can do stilt over vally then make lunar then flip it

  • its fun to make edits … don’t miss a good opportunity just because you think you might not win!! You’re giving up before you’ve started. It’s not the destination, its the journey!!!

  • You can really do whatever you want with the video. We will only look at one person per-edit basically, we won’t choose groups / teams. You can put somebody else in your edit if you want, but it will be YOUR submission, not theirs.

  • whatever tricks you enjoy doing most! there is no age limit

  • You can really do whatever you want with the video. We will only look at one person per-edit basically, we won’t choose groups / teams. You can put somebody else in your edit if you want, but it will be YOUR submission, not theirs.

  • go for it!

  • collaborate with a friend who has an iphone, or video camera, or shoot your edit in an apple store!!!

  • Dominic Antonio is the BEST kendama player in the world you should really consider him..

  • C’est dont ben malade!!!

  • Just need to kiss up on why should I haha

  • Will We be out of the contest if we drop a trick but get all the others

  • I’ll try out next year(: I’m almost as good as chaz Edwards, but I need to improve some, and I need to buy new kendama hahaha I’ve had myn for 1.5 years it’s all chipped up

  • Watch out for Jackson Stanek’s entry, which’ll be dropping in the next week! Sickness

  • Kristian and Aaron will be the front runners, just sayin

  • what tricks should we know how to do?

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