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Every Kaizen Style Now Available as Tama Only Options

Tama only kendama options are back and better than ever! Now, every kendama outside of the pro models can be found as a tama only option.
So now you can build your own complete setup by choosing both a ken and tama or purchase just what you need by getting them separately.

We’ve been serving the kendama community for over 15 years and one of the ways we succeed in that is by providing the highest quality at the lowest prices that we can. Tamas come in tons of different styles, paints, and sizes, each bringing its own unique tracking points and advantages to the table. We offer professionally designed tamas for any ken and playstyle, our tamas range in size from 61 to 62mm.

Choose your tama from top brands like Kaizen or Craft and choose from silk rubberized or super stick paints, we are sure that there is a tama that will fit your style and help your land more tricks.

For more information on replacement tamas check out our products here, or contact our knowledgeable customer service staff.

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