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Hello, I just found your website is so interesting.  I have been thinking that kendama is known by only Japanese, but now I don’t feel alone in the world anymore.  I give kendama as a sayonara present for my friends that I had in Japan when they leave Japan.  I am so glad that Kendama USA people are keeping interest on kendama and doing the PR.  I will try to check your website more often.  – Yuki Sawada from Japan

Ordered 8 Kendamas!  selling them to my friends for 0 profit! Just love spreading the joy and hours of endless fun! – Chris Herr

I love my new kendama! ever since i got it i have been hooked. Endless tricks relaxing and makes me happy.. it’s like rollerblading too me haha. I take my kendamaaa every where i go! ;D  – Alex Sierra

This is the best thing in the world. I am addicted to it. When I first heard about it I was like, 20 dollars for that piece of crap? And then I figured out how fun it was and went here and bought one. – JT

So,  I have had a Kendama for about 5 months now. I love it! And now i upgraded to a new 5 cup Kendama! Can’t wait for it to get to my frontdoor! – Coleman

I just ordered the woodgrain kendama a few days ago CAN’T WAIT – Aubert L’Esperance

i just got  a sunrise kendama and its amazing – Mark

Thanks, just what I needed to know.  A friend of mine is buddies with Turner Thorne, thanks to him and your website I am officially addicted!  Cheers, Boe

Thank you so much for the email.  The Kendama was recieve in the mail on May 5th – taking only 2 days!  My son is delighted with it.  Thank you again! – Vickie Raines

omg  kendama is addicting!  there is a problem: I CANT STOP  i like the double orbit to candle stick to pin – Lyle

Day 11 with my kendama… I play in the morning, at my desk, on my breaks, at my firiends houses, before I go to bed. Colin your the man. Stay up.  -  Mmmindgame

My New Kendama is Arrive… Woot – Javier

Thank you Kendama! An incredible toy/tool to dial our kids into “now” and what fun!  The focus and ‘Zen’ quality is so refreshing after years of video games.  Turner is truly a ‘master’ and this was the vehicle that brought him there.  I will be the spokesmom for the joy Kendama brings to ALL ages.    – Kathy Thorne

hey guys, once again i have nothing but compliments for you. ordered my second kendama thursday and it arrived friday, thanks for the fast shipping. also since i ordered this new one i was able to pass on my older kendama to my neighbors’ little brother who was amazed by the the tricks. im happy that i can spread the kendama love around thanks to you. mad props – Jimmy Robinson

The Kendama and the soccer ball are the coolest and cheapest entertainment devices to ever exist.  :) – Tyler Marshall

Mine is on the way and i am soooooo excited – Basketball Freak #22

I’m left handed and it’s really hard to switch TK16′s to lefty. But they’re so freaking AWESOME!!! It’s totally worth it. – Hunter

i dont know… but this game its very but very addicting – kira chan

Ive got a kendama from you guys. Best money ever spent, getting better and better cant wait for another pro contest! – Steven S

Ive just ordered my second one and convinced about 5 people at my school to play kendama. Kendama is the smartest investment ive ever made. – Dubb

Best sport ever ive been playin for a while now just landed first lunar lander last night – Jonathon Mckee

I just got my kendama yesterday and I haven’t stopped playing since! – Dylan

Just got it today(green one), and it is sweet. all my friends were wanting one after just a few minutes. but just thought id say a good word. from your kendama friend out in TN. Peace. – Ben

Thanks, I just got my Kendama in the mail its a Tk16, I’ve never used a kendama so it’s ok, played with it for a few minutes already and its the best. Thank you for all the help, and for the free DVD. I will most definitely be ordering for you guys again soon. Thank you again. -James S.

Ordered a red kendama yesterday. SO PUMPED! – Bill

Best Thing I have ever come across on the internert – Derrick

I fist saw a kendama when I just gut done playing tennis and the guy that works th desk had one. He showed me how to use it. After that I asked for one at Chiristmas. When I got one I was so happy. Now I pratice atleast 15 min. every day no matter what I’m doing. It is one of the best things I got. – james williams

I just ordered a Green Kendama, i can’t wait to get it!  – connor

Greatest thing ever made! fun addicting and never gets old. its a must for all and improves hand eye cordination and also reflex. also its a really clean finish on the kendama’s as well you get what you pay for. 10/10  – tommy

best sporting equipment ever created – brent

it’s addicting, and I love it! – jack

this game is sooo addicting !!! – kayra

i just ordered the wood ball and painted it lime green. its sick – lime

this is so cool!! Got mine today, ordered 2 days ago. Thanks for fast shipping. Time is flyin by now. – Justin

i just got one totaly worth it i recomend you buy one today!! – miles

hi guys i love kenda LOL kendama rulesss – marc birtri

mmmm. cherry red on its way to my door. cant wait. – jake dama

kendamas rule i have been playing four hours – Dillon

got my red one its the best thanks – johnathon

I got one!!! Its the best thing I ever bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – mohhamed

can’t wait for the kendama dvd release~ – ryan cabal