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Wiens ‘n’ Fuegz Episode 2

Jake Wiens and TJ Kolesnik (AKA Fuegz) hit the road again for more kendama madness.  This time they take off on an adventure around the Northern California Bay Area hosting kendama jams in Los Altos, San Jose, and San Francisco.  Check out what all goes down behind the scenes and between the tricks.  From Kendama in the club to repairing hotel blinds, Wiens ’n’ Fuegz always bring the action.  Huge thank you to all the players that came out to the jams and to the organizers and shop owners for hosting the sessions!

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Loopkicks Dama Jam!


Every summer the Loopkicks crew throws a huge Tricking camp in San Jose bringing some of the most skilled people together from around the world.  Tricking is a blend of martial arts and freestyle acrobatics. Imagine a kendama trick but you ARE the kendama!  Within the past few years the tricking community has fallen in love with the Kendama.   Its amazing to see the crossover of style with the sports.  In this years camp Isiah Flores decided to throw a kendama jam and battle.  I got a chance to go kick it and jam some dama and take some shots.

Make sure to check out Loop Kicks online!

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