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Clip of the Week: Nov. 23 2009

The first clip of the week goes to Colin Sander.


    Sick tricks dawg there are people at my school that world kill u do and they are juniors and sophomores, but you good

  • I got a generic one and played with it for a few days and it is so addicting. keep up the good work man!

  • Man that was sickBet you cant do it again

  • Man try a triple flip into a lunar and then spike it and then go into the bird. Been stuck on it for weeks. Its so frustrating and how do i join the pro team?

  • I am a Kendama beginner, and I can only do a triple catch. (Let hang, flip up, catch on one big cup, throw up, spin Kendama around, catch on the other cup, than do the same thing again.

  • Nice job!

  • colin u r my kendama idol i love ur style of the hobbie. i ken my self but the best i can do is lighthouse to spike to ken flip. maybe someday i will get some of ur sick tricks down:)

  • I LOVE KENDAMA!!!!!!!!!!

  • I <3 KENDAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kendamas are so much fun!!!!!!

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