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Colin Sander Movie #1


You already know Colin Sander is well known for his edits, but are you ready for his MOVIES? That’s right. When Colin hasn’t been globe-trotting with his Kendama, designing his next Pro Model, or arranging his Mugen collection at home, he’s been busy directing full length motion pictures. Too much talent for one human to possess? We think so, but we enjoy it anyways.

Kendama even has a cameo on the big screen in his first feature titled “Dean Slater: Resident Advisor”
Check out the trailer below – Mature audiences only please.

Check out the full length trailer at:

Kendama plays a supporting role in this hilarious comedy directed by Colin Sander.
Available everywhere August 27th!

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews and videos featuring Colin, the cast, and of course, Kendama.

Get connected.
Film’s website: null
IMDB: null
Twitter: @TheEpicRA
Instagram: @ResidentAdvisor

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New Tribute Kanji Kendamas out now!

For all the Kendama collectors and enthusiasts out there, we’re happy to release this new unique style. The characters on the Tama spell out “Kendama” in Japanese. Available now in glossy red, gold, or natural. null

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New Galaxy colors from Ozora available now!

Ozora released 2 new Galaxy colors this year: the Galaxy Pink Kendama and the Galaxy Green Kendama. We’re happy to have them both available in our store now! See them for yourself HERE.

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KROM Deluxe worldwide release

We are really pumped to be working with Kendama DK and KROM Kendama on this exciting new project. We’re proud to be a part of the worldwide release of the KROM Deulxe series today along with Gloken, The KenGarden, Terra, and of course Kendama DK.

The KROM Deluxe is a series of high end Kendamas made with first-class precision from exotic hardwoods. Far from a generic Kendama, these beauty’s have been crafted and tested carefully, to find an optimum balance for high performance play. The unique choice of wood species and design combine for great feel, performance, and balance. This release includes various combinations of walnut, rubber wood, maple, and red oak.

We finally had a chance to meet the Kendama DK guys during this year’s Dama Fest, and share their positive attitude towards Kendama play, and community. It’s refreshing to see Kendama brands go the extra mile and put in serious effort into their craftsmanship, team, creativity, and presentation. We are truly excited today. Not only for this amazing Deluxe release, but also to take this first step in a new partnership with Kendama DK and KROM.

Enough talk, check out the KROM Deluxe line for yourself in our store HERE.

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