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New Galaxy colors from Ozora available now!

Ozora released 2 new Galaxy colors this year: the Galaxy Pink Kendama and the Galaxy Green Kendama. We’re happy to have them both available in our store now! See them for yourself HERE.


    I would love to win these! Pick me please! I have 3 kids and they want one so bad! I am a teacher and would love for my students to learn to use these also! I think they are great for hand eye coordination….I have 30 students –6 classes a day–I am a physical education teacher! Thanks!

  • It says here the newly released galaxy kendama are galaxy pink and galaxy green here. Was the intent for it to be galaxy pink and galaxy blue? I have an old(and well beaten in) galaxy green, so I’m certain that the galaxy green is not new. I would love to have an orange galaxy though. Those’re pretty.

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