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Colin Sander Movie #1


You already know Colin Sander is well known for his edits, but are you ready for his MOVIES? That’s right. When Colin hasn’t been globe-trotting with his Kendama, designing his next Pro Model, or arranging his Mugen collection at home, he’s been busy directing full length motion pictures. Too much talent for one human to possess? We think so, but we enjoy it anyways.

Kendama even has a cameo on the big screen in his first feature titled “Dean Slater: Resident Advisor”
Check out the trailer below – Mature audiences only please.

Check out the full length trailer at:

Kendama plays a supporting role in this hilarious comedy directed by Colin Sander.
Available everywhere August 27th!

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews and videos featuring Colin, the cast, and of course, Kendama.

Get connected.
Film’s website: null
IMDB: null
Twitter: @TheEpicRA
Instagram: @ResidentAdvisor

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Where We Are. A WKT Movie by Matt Ballard

We cannot even find the words to describe this movie. Absolutely unparalleled quality. A unique glimpse into the Kendama community around the world. Matt Ballard and WKT have outdone themselves, and helped to tell an amazing story that needed to be told. No need to read anymore … Just watch and enjoy.

Published on Dec 16, 2012

Kendama is more than just a toy. It is the focal point of a community of people brought together by a common passion. From their hometown of Wenatchee, WA to the impoverished streets of Burundi, Africa, Where We Are follows Wenatchee Kendama Team as they take part in different communities around the globe.

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Starring WKT- Alex Loomer, Alex Winters, Chris Ringering, Chris Rodrigues, Conner Walsh, Greg Ringering, Jacob Resler, Keith Matsumura, Matthew Ballard, Nick Mayo, Scott Paine, Will Burwell, Zack Winters

Friends- Turner Thorne, Alex Smith, Jake Wiens, Dave Mateo, TJ Kolesnik, Hunter Bailey, Dana Fenster, Kristian Aynedter, Adam Kingman, Thomas Holzer, Daniela Von Rohr, Daniel Perez, Marta Queralt, Dan Robinson

Sponsors- KendamaUSA

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by- Matthew Ballard

Shot On Location- Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Switzerland, Spain, Burundi

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Count me In!!! Official trailer from the Wenatchee Kendama Team

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