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Pro Videos: Zack Yourd

kendama usa zack yourd video still 001
Zack is our newest and youngest pro team member. Check out his skills here.


    So supreme. Edit 3 got me hyped. Keep it up.

  • how come every pro, is either from or currently goes to mount lebonon and we all know. does no one else know about this shit?

  • besides jappan

  • ehhhh turner thorne way better

  • nice choice on the Swollen Members song

  • because lebo is the shit at dama

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA Mike, yes i did notice that. Im not from there but I have some friends from there and it blows my mind that they are like ALL from there.

  • ken damah how do u think turner thorne is better then yourd..yourds a freak bro common now u cant even compare them right nowwwwwwwwww

  • wow really good for a kid

  • Sick edits, cant wait for another!! keep it up!!

  • lebo is in pittsburgh PA. which is where i live

  • alright ken dama yourd is a freak u honestly think thorne is better then zack? bro he cant even touch zack common now

  • Whats the song in the vid at the top?

  • dude thats some good crap man i so want one

  • what is the trick he did at 1:50 in the first edit?

  • i love kendamas

  • he and colin sander are beast at it and every video i watched from zack yourd i could land all his tricks the frist time

  • Yo bra lebo chill dude chill

  • light blue kendama soonnnn! cant wait text me if u got any questions !!! i no alot of things cause i spoke to the owner 786-718-6160 text if any questions

  • Dude it’s impossible that you got all those tricks first try. Stop liein


  • Yo why dont you use the stick you most of the time use the ball

  • That was so icy. One of the best I’ve seen. Hella sick.

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