Kendama USA

Round 2 Entries are flowing in this week

First entry just came in from Alex Ramos

This is going to be an amazing round!

Just got this entry in from Keith Matsumura

TJ just dropped his edit too!

This is getting crazy! Daniel’s is now up.

Daniela and Thomas from Switzerland!

Jimmy Jacobson representing!

Canton Legend Danny Mason

Julian Down getting Down

Dave Mateo showing some steez

Gerard played so hard it landed him in the ER!

Epic Edmonton – Alex Smith


    Every single one of these are filled with mad skill and creativity but I gotta say out of them all….have to say Dave Mateo love that explosiveness he brings to the table

  • honestly, all these people are amazing but i think daniel robinson is the next kendama pro!

  • does anyone know when the winner will be announced? if anyone knows then please reply back.

  • when will the winner be announced o:

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