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Win Free Kendamas! Doubles Edit Contest from Kendama USA

It’s time for another awesome Kendama USA contest!  In the Doubles competition you will have to choose wisely, as you’ll be working with a friend.  You will both play simultaneously, and as always, we encourage you to get as creative as possible.  You will be judged on synchronization, creativity, difficulty of tricks, location choice and the overall quality of the edit.  Remember the whole point of the competition is to get together with your buds and have FUN!  Lets get stoked on Kendama again before summer is over.

Contest Rules:

•  You must choose one teammate in your edit. You cannot submit another edit with a different Teammate.
•  Creativity and new tricks is a major plus.
•  The more synchronized you and your teammate are on each trick, the better.
•  The tricks must actually be filmed simultaneously.  No editing cheats!
•  Your edit MUST be 1:30 or less. If you go over the time limit, it is automatically disqualified, and we will be sad with you.
•  Deadline is Sunday, August 5th, at 11:59 pm PDT (pacific daylight time, westside!!).   Any edit submitted after the deadline will not be accepted, and great sadness will be felt.

How to enter:
•  Upload your edit to YouTube or Vimeo.  You must include “Kendama USA Doubles Contest” in the title.
•  Send an email to [email protected]  with the edit URL link, names of both players, contact info, and a mailing address for prizes.

• 1st place winner
- 2 new Sakura style Kendamas, new from Ozora
- 2 Tribute Kendamas of choice  (non custom)
- 2 T-shirts of choice
- 2 New Color String Packs
- 2 Sticker packs and poster packs

•2nd place winner
- 1 new Sakura style Kendama, new from Ozora
- 1 Tribute Kendama of choice (non custom)
- 2 Tribute T-shirts
- 2 Kendama Wooden Stencils
- 2 New Color String Packs
- 2 Sticker packs and 2 poster packs

•3rd place winner
- 2 Tribute Kendamas of choice (non custom)
- 1 KendamaUSA T-shirt
- 1 Sticker Pack
- 1 New Color String Packs

There are some other special prizes being given away for runner up edits, but you have to enter to find out!!!

Grab a friend and start filming.  Have fun!!!


See the winners HERE


    Heya! Could you guys be a bit more specific with the time of the deadline? It’d be helpful to include a time zone for when the edit is due because people around the US are going to enter. Alrighty, cheers! :D

  • Hi KendamaUSA.

    I was just wondering if good editing would give you a plus in quality. And do you have to use the same Kendamas for the whole edit?

  • 11:59 pm PDT (pacific daylight time)

  • Yes, we take the quality of editing and filming into consideration. However, since not everybody has access to that kind of equipment, it will not be a make or break factor. It’s always clear when somebody has gone the extra mile and put in extra effort, and we definitely take notice of that!

  • So Stoked! Heading out to film right now!

  • the time on the video is 90 seconds or less and in the rules it is 1:30 or less?? which one is it??

  • @Logan. 1 minute and 30 seconds is also equal to 90 seconds.

  • never mind i thought it said seconds
    for both!

  • Hey, So me and my friend want to do this contest really bad, but we live in different areas, i live in seattle and he lives in spokane, is there any way we could do this contest still…?

  • @Shea. Road Trip!!! It won’t be possible without filming simultaneously. There will be other contests in the future. If you had another idea, you could always take a crack at it just for fun, even if it’s not eligible to take the win. We will be giving out additional prizes beyond just what we’ve posted. If you have a vision, go for it!!

  • Are we allowed to use other brands of kendamas such as sweets?

  • When you guys say we get 1 sakura is that 1 for both the winners?

  • Im so excited 2 enter the contest. I was recently sponsored by momma kendama so Im ready to enter another competition.

  • @Stevo You can enter the contest with whatever type of Kendama you want

  • @parker congrats and good luck!

  • @jordan
    1st place winning entry = 2 sakura
    2nd place winning entry = 1 sakura

  • can u and your partner do two different tricks at the same time??

  • Im kind of confused if you win first place you get two sakura. Is that for bothe the people in the edit. For example say someone got first place each player in the edit got both of the new kendamas. Or is it juat you get both and you decide who gets what one.

  • @alex – it’s up to you. be as creative as you want. part of the judging is on synchronization, so it would be a good idea to have some tricks that are synced well. We’re also judging on creativity, so if you think outside the box, we’ll be looking for that too. have fun, good luck!

  • @Parker – The first place prize is 2 Sakuras. Our idea was that one Sakura would go to each person on the team, since it’s a doubles edit. We would send 2 pieces, and the winners could decide how they want to split it up.

  • Hey i was wondering do we have to have string attached?

  • @Jalen nope! no string requirements

  • When are the winners going to be posted?

  • Shawn, we will begin judging now that all the entries are in, and get the winners posted ASAP!!!

  • KendamaUSA, who won or placed in the doubles contest?

  • where are you going to post the winners at?

  • @Lukas and Mikey We will post the winners ASAP. There are a lot of entries, and most of then were sent in the last 24 hours. We will be going through the results, and posting the winners on the website here, and on our FB page once all the judging is finished this week. Thanks!!

  • what day will the winnners be posted and will it be on facbook or this page

  • wht day will the winners be posted

  • Can u guys plezze post the edit winners

  • Are You Going To Sen It To Us If We Win

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  • dude wen is da compotishin

  • Hey I don’t have a kadama but I can’t because my family is running low on money do you think you can get me a cheap

  • One

  • I want a kendama plzzzz

  • hay is that jaylne ruble and jordan ruble

  • I need one bad plzz

  • I need a kendma bab

  • I really need a kendema all my friends have one and I don’t so I fell left out because I don’t have one

  • every body laughs at me

  • So I want to enter this contest but what if I don’t have another person to do it with? Can I do it by my self?

  • Keep your head up and practice! You’ll be slaying Kendama in no time!

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