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Sunrise Walnut Kens just released!!

Sunrise has been busy creating some great new custom striped Kendamas.  This new special edition comes with an all Walnut Ken. Great grain, great color. Hand made in Europe and another unique, high quality Kendama for your collection.



    Those look so cool. I wish I had money.

  • !!!!!! This one has an awesome retro 70′s feel. God this one is amazing! MUST HAVE!

  • how much u guys think a walnut ball would be worth

  • Do you still sell these? Because I like this more than your new sunrise walnut kens.

  • Hey I would love to buy one of these from but you stopped selling them I would love to buy one

  • @Aidan – We have more in production now. Stay tuned!

  • GET THE FUCKING STUFF BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • please let me know as soon as possible because i would really like to buy one of these walnut kens.

  • This Ken is sick! U guys should really get the blue and pink stripes in

  • You guys should sell these again. I am so eager to buy one of these!

  • When will I be able to buy one?

  • Mines in the mail im soooo exicted for it to get here.

  • I would love to have one but they don’t have it on there site

  • Put it back on your site ill buy it for any price

  • How long until you start selling them again

  • I love this kendama I’m good at it to I’d like to take my skill to the next level with this striped walnut ken

  • Ill buy it for any price I just want to have this sweet ken

  • If you guys start selling these again, How much would it cost to buy one?

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