Kendama USA

Zack Yourd Five Trick Fix

Zack Yourd has always been a stylish and innovative Kendama player. This 5 trick fix showcases some unbelievably difficult, technical, and progressive tricks.
Zack’s new Kendama USA Pro Model was just released earlier this year. Check his and others out here


    I wish turner thornes and Colin would make a edit too

  • Zack Yours you are beast also I bought the pro model and I chose your ken

  • like a boss!!!!!!

  • It was sick when zack did his signature trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like in pitt too !

  • bro, you guys should have a contest. Legit. Like right now.

  • I met zack yourd today at a snowboarding comp in Lancaster! Hope one day we can snowboard together

  • A lot of kids in my school have a kendama. A kid sed he bought one at but i know hes liing.

  • zack your sooooo sick at wat you do i wish igood do your signature the way you do like a boosss!!!!!!

  • zack yourd is the best kendama player i have ever seen

  • Thanks for the comploments.

  • zack u rock

  • y do u even try ur deffinatly the best pro u da beast

  • im gettin a kendama soom probobly a blue stripe gold or light blue stripe dark blue

  • im getting a new pro model kendama. still deciding between Zack Yourd’s or Turner Thorne’s.

  • challenge me and make sure you bring your kendama if i win you have to give me your kendama and it has to be a pro or a jumbo

  • Your video is ninja and allllllllllll pro

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