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Turner Thorne’s Weekend Warehouse Giveaway


Turner Thorne is in Atlanta in our offices this weekend and feeling extremely generous. He’s searched through the warehouse for some exclusive items, and wants to give them to YOU! 4 lucky customers are going to get an amazing prize. The prize list includes:

- 1 Mugen Musou – Breeze Orange
- 1 Sunrise Walnut Grip from the one and only Luke Evans
- 1 Red 80′s Sakura
- 1 Unreleased Cook Custom Full Energy

For your chance to win, place any order between now and Sunday, May 11th at 11:59 pm EST. During checkout, use the code “SHARKS” to receive 10% off and be entered to win. Any order using this discount code is eligible to win. Turner will be hand selecting winners at random throughout the weekend. Start shopping now in our online shop HERE.


If you’re in the Atlanta area, come hang out with Turner and the Kendama USA Warehouse Crew at Mountain High Outfitters on Saturday at 5pm!


    When will you guys come to San Diego, California. It would so cool if you guys came. My dreams would come true if that would happen. :)

  • If you can please leave a reply. So much respect for you guys, so much…..

  • Spo-ken reppin SHARKS

  • Turner thorne is my favorite kendama player ive been needing a new kendama

  • When are you gonna tell us the winners?

  • Turner Thorne is my favorite pro, I love the way he does his triple lunar flip to peg




  • Sharks. When will you guys announce the winner and when does the contest stop

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