Kendama USA

Kendama USA at Gloken Kendama World Cup in Hatsukaichi, Japan

The Kendama USA team attends the Gloken-hosted Kendama World Cup in Hatsukaichi, Japan. Practice and sessions ensue, Jake MC’s along with Nobuaki, and Keith and Zack make the finals.

Big ups to everyone that helped make the KWC possible, especially the entire gloken team and the Hatsukaitchi city officials. Special Thanks to Kazuma Iwata for the excellent trophy, and to Jeremy Stephenson for being the reason that we were all there.
Enjoy Kendama USA’s presence at the KWC 2014!



    What kendama does Zack Yourd use in the competition?? It’s the kendama with the yellow and black tama.

  • That my friend is a new design that may come out later this year.
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  • Can you guys sell mugen musous? or 2014 pro models?

  • I think the dama Zack Yourd used in the world cup is and ozora with a kendama usa tribute half split tama from the silk edition… I pretty sure that’s right.

  • Iam insanely in

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