Kendama USA

Kendama USA welcomes Derek Astin to the TRIBE.

My pick for the Tribe team is Derek Astin, he is 12 years old and lives in Utah. I chose Derek because he is one of the most talented and down to earth Kendama players I have ever met. Derek is lacing some of the hardest tricks in the game with style and consistency. Derek is constantly uploading new and innovative tricks everyday to his Instagram account @Dama_derek. Aside from the mind blowing tricks, Derek is a very positive and polite person who is always willing to teach you something new! I am beyond stoked to have you on the team, Congratulations Derek. Welcome to the TRIBE! РTurner

Huge thanks to Sam Allgood for helping film and Derek’s Parents for the tremendous support!


    No words

  • You have some awesome skills Derek! I wish I was as good as you!

  • Dude, you are so good. I am only one year older than you and I live in utah too!

  • Cool

  • Aha we should play ken sometime bro. I live in Utah too and maybe we can chill sometime and go ken people up. Aha anyway congrats dude and ps I’m not trying to be creepy!(:

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