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Joris Schweppe Wins EKO Pre-Lim

Joris Schweppe, Kendama USA Tribe Member,  wins the seeded spot for KWC 2018 by taking home the EKO Prelim Win.

Check out what Joris had to say about the experience:

“The EKO Prelims got really intense in the final round for me. I was facing a younger and very talented kendama player.  After honing in on the tricks at the comp, I felt pretty honed and got a nice score in the first 2 rounds, helping me get to the finals. Like I said the finals got really intense, It was a speed ladder of all the level 5 tricks of KW17. Only one trick was in there that I was not honed and that was the last one. I got stuck on it for at least a minute, While I was 5 tricks ahead of my component he now was struggling on the same trick with me. Making it a crazy experience for the audience knowing that the one landing it first would win the competition. After at least 10 other tries I laced first and won.”

Kendama Used: Craft Shift Kendamas

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