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Introducing Craft Colors | Painted Craft Kendamas

“Go to the Valley of Fire they said, the dessert is epic they said.. (plot twist) IT WAS!”

The Craft Sandstorm and Graphite Kendamas were inspired by a trip to Nevada’s Valley of Fire! The 2017 Toy Fest West show was going down in Las Vegas and during a free day, Scags and Jero ventured a few hours out of the city lights to the great shifting sand dunes. The landscapes were so perfect it was crazy to comprehend what we were seeing! Pictures, clips, tricks, we had to be Abel to share this experience somehow!

After snapping a few pictures and reassuring ourselves that the views were THIS epic – we had to pay the memory forward and design these colors for tamas!

Pick up a Craft Color from Kendama USA and create your own ventures, memories, and stories to share!

Check out the edit and get lost in the landscapes that the Valley of Fire.

Check out the edit and get lost in the Valley of Fire’s landscapes .

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Rome Adventures w/ Joris Schweppe & Friends

I Had Amazing Times In Rome this past April for the Kendama Attack 2 event,
So many new Kendama Players and overall an amazingly good vibe!

The event was a blast, I placed first in the Freestyle comp and second in the main pro competition. And of course John Paolo Silva taking first Place in the Pro division.

We had the Time to See some Of the Famous places in Rome and film some tricks with the locals.

Thanks to all the Italian players for making the event possible and
special thanks To Dario Patti for hosting it all by himself!

Much Love, ~Joris
Kendama USA Tribe

Rome Adventures - Joris Schweppe

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Results are in!

Thanks to everybody who entered the sticker pack challenge!! Congratulations to our 2 winners are Daniel Rhodes, and Adam Kingman.  Each winner will be receiving a $50 voucher toward anything in our store, a Kendama USA Premiere or Pro Model of their choice, a custom engraved Kendama USA wooden plaque, and a Kendama USA Stencil.

The top 3 runner ups will be contacted via email and be receiving a $15 voucher toward anything in our store, and a Kendama USA Premiere or Pro Model of their choice.

In addition, EVERYBODY that entered the contest will be receiving a special discount code for their efforts.

The sticker pack will be available this holiday season in the null!

Check out their designs below!

Designs by Daniel Rhodes

designs by Adam Kingman

Adam Kingman also submitted 2 other designs that will be shown in a project launching this December!

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