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Colin Sander Movie #1


You already know Colin Sander is well known for his edits, but are you ready for his MOVIES? That’s right. When Colin hasn’t been globe-trotting with his Kendama, designing his next Pro Model, or arranging his Mugen collection at home, he’s been busy directing full length motion pictures. Too much talent for one human to possess? We think so, but we enjoy it anyways.

Kendama even has a cameo on the big screen in his first feature titled “Dean Slater: Resident Advisor”
Check out the trailer below – Mature audiences only please.

Check out the full length trailer at:

Kendama plays a supporting role in this hilarious comedy directed by Colin Sander.
Available everywhere August 27th!

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews and videos featuring Colin, the cast, and of course, Kendama.

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Film’s website: null
IMDB: null
Twitter: @TheEpicRA
Instagram: @ResidentAdvisor


    Congratulations to Colin Sanders!!!! I can’t wait to watch this. In a way, it reminds me of the newer National Lampoon movies (i.e. Van Wilder). I’m sure I will laugh me arse off.

  • The general public at present determines precisely what it wants for entertainment, definitely not the big studios and distributors. Whenever you add to that distribution on the internet, headlines, web sites, from rumor to whole movies. It really is a totally new world. Much of it fantastic, some not.

  • you guys are so cool that make youtube vids even thow i dont have one it would be so cool to have one.

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