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Kendama USA – Japan 2014

Japan this year was a unique experience. We were deeper into the country than we had ever been before. The entire team was together for the very first time. With obligations like the Kendama World Cup, it wasn’t easy to find time to just play and lace some tricks. We worked in some stompage for the sake of having memories of this classic era of the team. We are stoked to see it evolve.

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EKO Recap Video.

The EKO is one of the biggest competitions of the year, with pros traveling from all over the world to compete! Check out the recap video from Emil Boda to see all the action go down!

Keith Matsumura has been keeping us updated while on the road, check out his blog post from the EKO as well!

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Kendama USA Japan Tour 2012 – Toyko Street Session

When we arrived at the hotel in Tokyo, we found Zack Yourd already jamming with big group of Japanese Professional Kendama players.  We wandered around the Shinjuku area and took in the epic views of Tokyo from the tops of sky scrapers.  We had a late night jam session in the streets of Shinjuku.  The group included Katsuaki Shimadera, Satoru Akimoto, Akira Tajima, Kenta Sakamoto, Hajime Ishibashi, Tomoyuki Tsukui, and the Kendama USA Pro Team.  All the Japanese players stomped out tricks with clean style and mind boggling consistency.  It’s a level of skill that is amazing to witness in person.  99% of the tricks were landed first try!!! It was an honor to meet everybody and really good time in the streets of Tokyo.

Special thanks to Colin Sander for the skills behind the lens and inside the editing room.

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1 day in Japan by Colin Sander

In this powerful, long-form showcase- one day of Japanese kendama-play is documented. Top performers from across the globe spend quality time with one another in the land o’ the dama. This was just one of many days during a blessed summer trip for WKF2012. I photographed so much, but had such little time upon my return I have only now begun to reach the footage. The longer-yet piece, ‘Peak Performance Kendama’ is in the works, including the whole of this trip, as well as the KG Roots tour, and more. One Day In Japan shows the joys of veteran-form… we didn’t set out after stunts. … this time.

Alex Ruisch
Jeffrey Van Reeven
Kenta Sakamoto
Tomoya Mukai
Rodnel Ansell
Tamotsu Kubota
Tajima Akira
Katsuaki Shimadera
Colin Sander

Musc by:
Phillip Glass
Rocket Juice & The Moon

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