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Wiens ‘n’ Fuegz Episode 2

Jake Wiens and TJ Kolesnik (AKA Fuegz) hit the road again for more kendama madness.  This time they take off on an adventure around the Northern California Bay Area hosting kendama jams in Los Altos, San Jose, and San Francisco.  Check out what all goes down behind the scenes and between the tricks.  From Kendama in the club to repairing hotel blinds, Wiens ’n’ Fuegz always bring the action.  Huge thank you to all the players that came out to the jams and to the organizers and shop owners for hosting the sessions!

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Jake Wiens, KAMEYO, and the Ozora Sakura

Hang out with Jake and KAMEYO in the Kengarden for a chill session on the Sakura edition Ozora.  The Sakura is part of the Ozora Specialty series.  All of these kendamas carry new designs and styles while keeping the top quality Ozora is known for.

Jake Wiens is well known for his amazing video work paired with some of the most innovative tricks in the game and this edit does not fall short! Sit back, relax, and enjoy another amazing edit from The Kengarden!

Get your own Sakura Ozora null

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Jake Wiens turns Pro for Kendama USA

We couldn’t be more honored and excited to announce Jake Wiens as the new 2013 Kendama USA Pro Team Member.

Jake has been an awe inspiring figure in the Kendama community for as long as I can remember. The roots he planted during the first backyard Kengarden battles in San Francisco have grown into something none of us could have imagined. Jake brings an unmatched energy and enthusiasm to the game, and shares a true passion for introducing Kendama to new players around the world. With all the collaborations, mutual support, amazing events, and incredible dama journeys over the past few years, it’s a very well deserved spot.

This edit takes you into Jakes life in San Francisco, with stories from some of his closest friends and inspirations.

Jake’s Pro Model Kendama will be released in 2014. Welcome to the family.

Big thanks to Colin Sander for the incredible production quality, and to Tori Sander for the crispy stills. Shoutouts to Matt Rice, Andy Olive, Guy Wright, and Sourmash for their contributions to this production.

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Kengarden Roots Tour 2013 July 19-27

YALL READY!!!!???? JULY 19 – 27th!!!!! West Coast.
Here is a little taste of last years road adventure with tour.






Info Broadcast #001 – Coordinates announced.

// 001 __ San Francisco Ca 7/19 DOLORES PARK -Noon – 4pm
// 002 __ Sacramento CA – Shasta Community park Noon – 4PM 7/20
// 003 __ Tahoe NV 7/22 – Shorline of Tahoe @ The Marriot. 11am – 4pm
// 004 __ Eugene OR 7/23 6:30 – 8:30 BBQ Location in the works.
// 004 __ Portland OR 7/24 TBD
// 005 __ Wenatchee WA 7/26 WALLA WALL PARK – 11AM – 4PM AFTER PARTY at Hooked on Toys 5pm – 6pm
// 006 __ Seattle WA – Richmond Beach Park 1PM 7/27

Info Broadcast #002 – Kendamanauts / Tour STARS!

// Turner Throne
// Dave Mateo
// SOURMASH (live Painting)
// Alex Smith
// Zack Yourd
// Colin Sander
// Matt Rice
// TJ Kolesnik
// Jake Wiens
// Keith Matsumura!!!
// MYSTERY????
// MYSTERY????
// MYSTERY????

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A moment with the Keyaki by Jake Wiens

The Keyaki is part of the Hardwood collection from Ozora. They Keyaki has a crazy grain and nice weight. I love the sound of the taps and the overall play of this kendama.
One of the major things I noticed about the Keyaki is that the spike is tough as nails. I abused it like crazy and its still sharp as the first day I got it. Its just nice to hold a Kendama %100 from Japan. There is a feeling of pride when you hold a Keyaki. Proud to be part of Kendama.

Pick yourself up one from the Kendama USA store HERE

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Kengarden West Coast Tour June 9th – 16th

If you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you might not have heard about the Kengarden west coast tour.  Starting on June 9th, a van full of Dama rippers will be piling into an epic sprinter van for the week of a lifetime.  Things kick off in San Francisco before stopping though Sacramento, Tahoe, Bend, Portland, and ending at the battle in Seattle.  The van will be full of Dama Pros, the one and only Sourmash, boxes full of Kengarden swag, Kendama USA goodies, and a mountain of Tributes!!!  Be sure to check the schedule and come hang out when we roll through your city.  Every member of Kendama USA and Tribute will be attending the Battle in Seattle, so we can’t wait to see you there!!!

Click the image above to RSVP and find out important tour details!


Huge kudos to Tribute’s own Jake Weins and The Kengarden for organizing and making this historical event happen.

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DamaFest Edit

In November 2011, Kendama USA hosted the first ever Dama Fest. Kendama enthusiasts from all over the country, and even Europe came to Atlanta GA for this amazing event. Huge thanks to everybody who showed up and helped support it. This includes the Kengarden, Ozora, Sweets, Deal with It, SourMash, Saga, and of course Kendama USA and Tribute Kendamas. Congratulations to all the winners, and our first champion Sebastian Orrego. Hope to see you there next year.

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In case you missed the LIVE streaming announcement from Jake at the Kengarden, the ladders for Dama Fest are posted here.


Candle stick
Around the block
Pull up spike
Sara grip orbit
Big cup to spike


Sara grip around the universe
Base cup Ken flip back to bottom cup then to spike
Swing spike earth sara grip
Under bird to spike
Lighthouse to in to swoop
Airplane jumping stick

Advanced ladders

1. Around the USA Sara Grip
2. pull up tama grip, toss ball/switch grip to bottom cup, to spike
3. one turn light house to lunar to in
4. airplane, switch grip to base cup, switch back to tama grip to in.
5. 1 turn lighthouse, flip to lighthouse, to Ken grab to spike
6. Statue of liberty (pull up spike above your head hold in victory)



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Dama Fest Ladders announced November 16 LIVE!!!

Matt, Jake, and Sourmash will be announcing the Dama Fest ladders live on Wednesday night. 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. You can watch the announcements on the Kengarden Live channel HERE

There may be some new Dama Fest information announced, and some guest calls during the show as well, so stay tuned!!!
Ladders will be posted online after the show is over.

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SourMash Live Painting at Dama Fest!!!

Jake at the Kengarden just uploaded this awesome edit of Mash getting prepped for the ATL trip. I’m sure it goes without saying but… don’t miss DamaFest!!!

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Mark Your Calendars – November 19th – DAMA FEST!!!


We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about Dama Fest!!!  This is the first Kendama event hosted by Kendama USA, and we are working hard to make it one to remember!!


Dama Fest will be held inside the Gallery Room, at the Cobb Galleria Center, on Saturday November 19th, 2011.  This is a great location north of Downtown Atlanta, and easily accessible from Canton, Woodstock, Alpharetta, and of course Atlanta.  It’s at the intersection of I-75 and I-285, and the full address is 2 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339.  It’s also next door to the Cumberland Mall, so your parents can do some holiday shopping while you’re getting your Dama on.  The doors open at 10am, and close at 5pm.  Don’t be late, as you won’t want to miss a moment.


YES!  We are so thankful for all the Kendama enthusiasm and support we’ve received, and this is our chance to give something back.  There will be no charge to attend Dama Fest.  Parking?  Also FREE.  You may not want to come empty handed though, because we will have lots of Kendama specials, sales, and some brand new Dama-goodness exclusively at this event.   If you choose to enter the main event, there may be a small entry fee.  We are still working out those details and will update ASAP.


FUN, FUN, and more FUN.  The best Kendama players in the country will be attending, including the entire Kendama USA Pro Team.  More players keep contacting us telling us they bought a plane ticket, or that they are road tripping to Atlanta.  The list keeps growing!  There will be Kendama challenges, games, and giveaways.  Unbelievable raffle prizes.  Great music.  Custom Damas.  Plenty more.  Our main event will be a unique contest hosted by Jake Wiens of the Kengarden, and the infamous Dave Mateo.



We are really thankful to those helping to make this event happen.  Kendama is a great tool to bring together a community, and this event is no exception.  Big thanks go to Jake Wiens at the Kengarden, the entire Ozora family, Tyler Marshall at the Kensession Stand, Ryan “OhSnapKid” Purcell, and of course the Kendama USA staff and Team.

If you’re interested in supporting the event, please contact us.  If you have ideas about how to make this great event even better, we want to hear them!!!



Just show up!  There is no registration required to attend Dama Fest, however it would be a huge help to us if you will RSVP on our Facebook Page if you plan to attend.  You can RSVP on our Facebook page by clicking HERE. If you plan to enter the main event, you will need to register at the event, and we will have more details about this soon.




If Traveling Northbound on I-75 (or coming from Atlanta Airport):

If traveling north on I-75 take Exit 258/Cumberland Boulevard. Go west on Cumberland Boulevard to the fourth traffic light at Cobb Parkway/US 41. Turn right on Cobb Parkway and go 7/10ths of a mile (5 traffic lights) to Galleria Drive. Turn right onto Galleria Drive. The Cobb Galleria Centre’s main (rotunda) entrance is located immediately on the right. An additional parking facility is located directly across Galleria Drive.


If Traveling Southbound on I-75:

If traveling south on I-75 take Exit 258/Cumberland Boulevard. Go west on Cumberland Boulevard to the fourth traffic light at Cobb Parkway/US 41. Turn right on Cobb Parkway and go 7/10ths of a mile (5 traffic lights) to Galleria Drive. Turn right onto Galleria Drive. The Cobb Galleria Centre’s main (rotunda) entrance is located immediately on the right. An additional parking facility is located directly across Galleria Drive.


Directions from I-285 Eastbound:

If traveling east on I-285 take Exit 19/Cobb Parkway/US 41. At the end of the exit ramp turn right onto Cobb Parkway and move into the left-hand turning lane. At the first traffic light turn left onto Galleria Drive. The Cobb Galleria Centre’s main (rotunda) entrance is located immediately on the right. An additional parking facility is located directly across Galleria Drive.


Directions from I-285 Westbound:

If traveling west on I-285 take Exit 20/Cobb Parkway/US 41. Continue to exit using the lane marked Cobb Parkway. At the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp turn left onto Cobb Parkway and go under I-285. Make a left hand turn at the second traffic light onto Galleria Drive. The Cobb Galleria Centre’s main (rotunda) entrance is located immediately on the right. An additional parking facility is located directly across Galleria Drive.


Directions to the Gallery Room:

The Gallery Room is located adjacent to the Cobb Galleria Centre inside the Galleria Specialty Shops and across from Jocks and Jills restaurant. On Galleria Drive, pass the main entrance to Cobb Galleria Centre and turn right at the second driveway. Park in the parking deck and look for the sign for Jocks and Jills.


There are more than 2,000 complimentary parking spaces on site. Parking can be found at three main parking decks. A two-level and four-level deck can be accessed from the main (rotunda) entrance to Cobb Galleria Centre, while a five-level deck is located directly across Galleria Drive. This parking deck has an underground tunnel on the 2nd level with direct access to the front entrance of Cobb Galleria Centre. Use this tunnel in order to avoid traffic while crossing the street and also to protect yourself from inclement weather.

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We think the SPF Lemon edit deserves an oscar

Such an incredible edit in so many ways. Great production value, creative transitions, amazing skills, epic locations, girls stomping tricks, underwater dama, KenGarden, timelapses … what else could you want in an edit?

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