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Ozora Galaxy Green available now!

The beautiful new Galaxy Green Kendama from Ozora is available now. Check it out in the STORE!!!


    I’m searching for the Kendama Ozora Galaxy.
    But there’s none…are you simply out of order or you won’t have more?????

    Thank you.


  • they are back in stock now!

  • hey kendama usa i have recently purchased a tk16 black kendama! My school does kendama at recess. Just so you no My teacher eric peria order alot of kendama’s frop this website. Thank you for the best kendama!

  • Is this kendama a pro model? I was thinking about getting it for my birthday but I will choose a different model if it is not a pro.

  • When will you have more Galaxy Green Kendama from Ozora?

  • Im looking to order the Ozora Galaxy Green Kendama.. when will there be more??

  • yo i do ken battles at school and i use my friends kendama and i would like to get my own the orora galaxy green for Christmas and there out of stock when will they be up agen?

  • hi its me agen can you get the ozora galaxy green in stock soon plz

  • Hi i have a Oringinal Ozora kendama and i was wondering if the green galaxy is better . Opinions anyone ?

  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh the Ozora Glaxie Green is not available in store and i want buy a Ozora Galaxie Green!!

    please, tanks

    topher :)

  • Are ozora’s better than the pro models for lighthouse, lunars, etc.

  • @ matt S
    Both are top-notch brands, and great paint. Ozora might be better out of the package, but Tribute might take the win once it’s broken in. Both would be great choices.

  • kendamas are so cool than ever

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