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End of Summer Giveaway

Summer just ended, but there’s still 1 more event to celebrate. We’re extremely thankful for all the support from our fans and customers, and we want to give back something extra special this year.

Here at Kendama USA, we’re fortunate to have access to lots of unique prototypes, limited edition products, and rare Kendamas that may never be made again. For this End of Summer Giveaway, we’re opening up our vault and hand selecting a treasure-trove of these rare gems in our biggest giveaway ever!

There will be a total of 13 winners, We will be giving away three main prize packages and 10 other amazing prizes all described below.

  • Snow Gold Musou
  • Limited Musou Holster
  • Premium Orange Ozora
  • Sunrise Purple Strata
  • GRIP Walnut Sunrise
  • Honor Tribute

  • Sparkling Green Musou
  • Musou Holster
  • 80′s Red Sakura
  • Sunrise Blue Strata
  • Metallic Green Ozora
  • Honor Tribute

  • Breeze Orange Musou
  • Keyaki Shin Fuji
  • Yellow Ozora
  • Sky Blue Ozora
  • Honor Tribute

10 will win one of the following prizes:

  • Terra Lemongrass Jumbo Pill
  • Ozora Pink Galaxy
  • Tribute Merlot Silk
  • Kendama USA Padauk Proto
  • KROM Viking Zebra
  • Terra Purple Pill
  • KROM Rubberwood
  • Premium Gold Ozora
  • Tribute Black w/ Blue Triple Stripe
  • Grain Theory Mystery Kendama

Enter your email address on the left and you’ll be entered for your chance to win!



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Battle in Seattle Recap!

Battle in Seattle Recap, by Colin Sander.

Any time a trip is being planned where the word ‘Van’ is included always gets my ears perked up. When Alex mentioned during our Japan trip that the awesome pacific-northwest shredfest known as ‘Battle in Seattle’ (organized by the always gracious Gus Carstens) could be, and should be followed up by the Canadian national yoyo contest the next day at Vancouver’s science center,  where we would perform a live kendama exhibit of sorts. Then, that monday, It was to be Terra’s VanJam, to commemorate and spread the word about the opening of their first shop space in a super hip corner of Vancouver (Mount Pleasant) near Main and Broadway, . That was two Van’s in one proposal. The epic Canadian masterpiece of a modern city known as Vancouver (van, vancoo, vancoodidy the coo ((the coup)), Van), the timeless skyline surrounded by it’s towering coastal ranges, AND the Van that would quite literally retrieve us from south of the Canadian border and bring us to the promise land, after what would turn out to be an epic contest in Seattle. A van didn’t end up being part of the equation, but we were more like a care-a-VAN that was to haul some of the more veteran jammers of the kendama scene tup to celebrate Alex and Kristin’s progress with Terra.

Let’s go back, but not too far. Alex Smith is the rare-wood turning lathe-master behind an entire era of epic customs, personally schemed, pressed, shaped, and built to order, who also happens to have invented a completely new juggling device- the pill, out of a mixture of boredom, experience, and chance inspiration. Besides that, he won the 2nd annual ‘find the next Kendama USA pro’ contest, with a killer style, promising ability, and a classy trick vocab. He was new on the scene, but had been organizing sessions in his hometown of Edmonton and putting out crew-edits with them for a while. We all laughed about the swag-factor of having a potential Canadian resident-pro on Kendama U-S-A but everyone already knew than that kendama USA was for the world, not just our states.

a room packed with enough grub, homies, and n64 games to survive a BiS weekend.

anyway, we digress. I left Los Angeles on a friday, one day before BiS. This was to be BiS volume three. I went to both of the last two, as stops at the end of the vintage ‘KG ROOTS TOUR’ and it was a blast both times. The level of play was always high and that was a nice part about it. The epic vistas of the sound and the peaceful atmosphere made it almost like a zen gathering, a display of community and friendship and real dama-love, not just a Jam session. The previous two years also had seen hilarious hotel nights that one only need look at the opening clip of Kendama USA’s dama-fest video on youtube to understand… All those shredders under one roof is a recipe for, well, shredding.

Wyatt Bray shooting Chris June for Mario Bros 2. Cops arrived later stunned to see only dew cans

 Crews made it from all over to the obscure little hotel. Some of us gathered and walked on a nature-loop to scout potential film and session spots, wanting to get off of the hotel grounds, as we were starting to already ruffle the feathers of management with our drum-circle like shred stance and constant stoking, “OOhhs” and “Whaaaats”, and laughter. Tamotsu Kubota, Nic Stodd, Wyatt Bray, Rick (Erick ) and Rod (rodney ansel) and the rest of the COTK crew, all rolled to an ash-grey dock, in a wetlands, where i saw some of the illest head-to-head ken games being played, as nick stood dropped bombs like only someone who had just released two edits mere weeks apart could.

The 3am grind is standard

The rest of the night is a blur. Snacks, trick grind, cops, session migrations, mountain dew, laceage, and the likes went down. I brought lights so we could film all night. Stay tuned for the footage.

We all awoke to a heavy, rainy mist blanketing the Seattle sky. It was almost a kind rain, the day still shining brightly, but the volume of water fairly severe… It kept everyone sleeping late and really relaxed. This was the first year that BiS was moved to a new park, and the new location was quaint, low key, and really classic feeling. Waverly Park, in Kirkland. I liked the stone stairs that descended into the water where the contest’s head-to-head portion would be going off… Last year’s BiS had seen the birth of a now-legendary Bonz, who beat out Sweet’s brandon Meyer for the victory, in a heated, dead-silent head to head battle where the tide was coming in, crowding them closer and closer to the audience. The sun had set a good 15 minutes prior, and they both nursed the last orange glow above the horizon to light their ridiculously consistent tricks. It was a battle to remember. I had high hopes for this one.

Wyatt Bray pizza tossing as BiS starts

The turnout was good, with lots of vendors coming in to represent and support the scene. Kids drove from out of state, crews assembled and made road trips, old friends met up again for the first time in months and new bonds were formed. Everyone was teaching, lacing, stoke-ing, and that is what kendama is all about. The contest was fun, with Keith and I both getting knocked out first round, we just got to watch, but with the MC Chris Bosh making it deeper and deeper into the contest, I had to takeover MC duties and announce the final few battles. Yes our seeding system might have been a little rigged : ) but we wanted to make sure the best names stayed away from each other until the very end. The Advanced contest had already brought tons of excitement, with Jacob Trebil winning and Elijah Lane taking 2nd, 3rd was Bryson Lee. Sam Cannon took home the pro honors with Kris Bosch receiving runner-up honors.

Cam, Jared, Evan, Cullen, grinding out the advanced contest

 After packing up and saying goodbye, we shipped off via two cars with the Terra crew to Vancouver. I got to ride with Keith, which was crucial because we have deep convos that stretch across a wide array of subjects and exist in very different styles and flows. We go deep though, and the two hour ride would prove crucial for scheming future kendama USA epicness. Back in Seattle, the night party raged probably just as hard as years prior; The Vintage Gus’s house days.

PNW feel. trees, rain, friends

We arrived at night to Vancouver, unloaded all of the bags, passing out on the soft session floor of the Terra shop. We needed to save our dama-legs for tomorrows grind, and the following day’s VanJam.

The shop front

 Vancouver was a blur of perfectly hipster beer gardens, sprints through the slanted streets in pouring rain, finding cover at little awnings and overhangs along the way, vegan food, talk of music, juggling, sport, and really fun times in the Terra shop / warehouse. It was cool to see all the new product from Alex and see their operation shaping up. They had come a long way in the community and I was proud of them. So was Keith, and that’s why we wanted to be there to support them (Thanks Jero). We spent the weekend teaching and showing off our abilities, finding new players, and stoking out the immediate vicinity of shops and hangouts near the spot, which is clutch. There is an epic park out front wrapping vancouver’s skyline around you, where endless sessions took place. Alex and Kristin’s first meet-and-greet at the shop went well, and we had random passerbys coming in to learn their first big cups and spikes well into the night. All of the regulars hung out and played a little head to head game organized by Alex. I took down Sweets in the first round with a debatably hand-touched lunar-tre, (it grazed my hand in the air during the flip, not the catch…) and went on to beat Tamotsu in the semis and had a heated battle with Roddama in the finals that he should have taken. It was only fitting that I played the whole battle on a Terra kendama, the hand-turned Mun-Ebony ken that was one of Alex’s first turns of ebony wood, (he had made it for me two years earlier and presented it to me finished at the BiS pre-party on Gus’s porch, I’ll never forget seeing it for the first time…) paired with a 2013 Alex Smith Cherry tama… The thing was a tank, but consistent. And anyway I felt the dama-gods would reward me for playing a Smith-turned piece at his own event.

Alex in front of the Terra collection, free for all to jam with.

The crew stayed  one more day to hang out and film in the city, with no agenda, and I headed back to LA with a few new tricks up my sleeve and a lot of scheming for the future. It’s safe to say I learned sara-grip downspike juggle downspike thanks to Wyatt’s inspiration and Kristian’s practice side-support. My tama was destroyed after that weekend. I’d like to thank all of the companies and supporters that made Battle in Seattle 3 happen. I’d like to thank everyone that put in work and filmed / supported until 5am so that Mario Bros 2 could happen. (Stodd, Caleb Jeffries, Alyjah Onishi, Wyatt, Nick Bedmonds, and the security guards and cops for keeping us motivated)  BiS will always have a special place in my heart, as I’ve seen it evolve firsthand over the past three years, and hope to continue it into the future

Such a prime day out in Mt. Pleasant

Words By Colin Sander

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End of Summer Giveaway Winners Announced!

The 3 lucky grand prize winners are:

Grand Prize: Jeffrey Snipes, Lincoln Park, MI

Second Prize: Joey Hargadon – Canton , GA

Third Prize: John Montano, Murrieta, CA

Other Winners:

Ayden Maddox – Reno , NV

Alex Trepanier – Laval , Quebec, Canada

Mark Moruzi – Lasi , Romania

Ricky Dorantes – Santa Barbara , CA

Steven Luong – San Jose , CA

Tate Kindom – Albertville , MN

Vincent Garcia-Moreno – Chila Vista , CA

Ian Teraoka – Santa Clara , CA

Bobby Mahin – Carlsbad , CA

Kathy Pease – West Rutland , VT

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the word about the giveaway. We look forward to doing more of these sorts of things in the future so stay tuned!

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Epic Unboxing Video!

Nick and Zack Gallagher just placed second in the cooks custom contest with an amazing doubles edit! They then decided to do an unboxing video of the prizes, their reaction is amazing!

Here is their contest video as well.

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2014 Cooks Custom Contest Results!

Upon many hours of debate the winner of the 2014 Cook’s Customs Contest is Joey Swisher. Joey’s edit brought an amazing mix of creativity, trick technicality, video professionalism and style. We are all very excited to work with Joey and design a one of a kind “2014 Cook’s Customs Contest Champion Kendama – Joey Swisher” sold on the Kendama website.

The second place prize goes to Nick and Zach Gallagher for their creative doubles tricks and amazing trick technicality. Their edit exhibited the fun and skill that should be shown in every kendama edit! Nick and Zach will receive a one of a kind blue to plum color shift kendama as well as two of any “Cook’s Customs” kendama they please.

The third place prize will go to Cullen Daniels and Evan Stout. These fun and skilled kendama players showed extreme skill, style, and professionalism through their entry. Their funny and artistic clips make the viewing experience fun and upbeat. Cullen and Evan will receive one of any “Cook’s Custom” kendama they please!


Thank you to all who entered, we thoroughly enjoyed watching all the fun and creative tricks that were submitted and plan on a similar contests in the future. For any future contest suggestions or feedback shoot an e-mail to Remember to follow @cookscustoms on Instagram for more contests and custom kendama updates.

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2014 Cook’s Custom Contest!!

KendamaUSA and Cook’s Custom Painting have teamed up to bring the “2014 Cook’s Custom Contest”

Grab your favorite dama, get creative, and enter to win your own customized kendama line sold on as well as many other prizes.

Follow @cookscustoms on Instagram to get contest updates, sneak peeks to upcoming custom lines and the contest winners.

Theme: Since “The Cook” is all about innovation, we want to challenge new ideas and creativity in the Kendama community. Creativity and technical tricks are the keys to bringing home a prize. Things like trying trick that no one has tried, using a customized kendama, incorporating props, string-less tricks, or even integrating other skills you have are great ideas to impress the judges.

How to enter/rules:  Simply upload a YouTube edit titled “2014 Cooks Custom Kendama Contest” and send the link to .  We will send back a confirmation e-mail to assure you that we received the entry. Entry deadline is June 1st 12:00pm EST.  The maximum length is two minutes. Team or partner edits are allowed but be prepared to split the prizes upon winning.



The first place winner will collaborate with Cook’s Custom Painting to create a completely new custom Kendama named after you.  This will be the first limited edition “Cook’s Custom Contest Champion series – your name here” sold on  You’ll also receive 2 of these Champion series kendamas (one to play and one to keep of course), and your edit displayed on the KendamaUSA website.



Second place prize will receive any two Cook’s customs they please, (subject to availability) plus a one-of-a-kind blue to purple color shifting Kendama.



Third place prize will receive any single Cook’s custom they please. (subject to availability)

Judging: The edit will be judged by Cook’s Custom painting and the Native.  Creativity, props, inventiveness, technicality, edit presentation and skill will take your edit to the next level. Don’t be too serious with the edit; kendama is all about having fun and developing skill so be creative as you want and have fun along the way.

To see all of the The Cook’s creations check out his page on the KendamaUSA website:

Also all questions will be answered at

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Turner Thorne’s Weekend Warehouse Giveaway

Turner Thorne is in Atlanta in our offices this weekend and feeling extremely generous. He’s searched through the warehouse for some exclusive items, and wants to give them to YOU! 4 lucky customers are going to get an amazing prize. The prize list includes:

- 1 Mugen Musou – Breeze Orange
- 1 Sunrise Walnut Grip from the one and only Luke Evans
- 1 Red 80′s Sakura
- 1 Unreleased Cook Custom Full Energy

For your chance to win, place any order between now and Sunday, May 11th at 11:59 pm EST. During checkout, use the code “SHARKS” to receive 10% off and be entered to win. Any order using this discount code is eligible to win. Turner will be hand selecting winners at random throughout the weekend. Start shopping now in our online shop HERE.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, come hang out with Turner and the Kendama USA Warehouse Crew at Mountain High Outfitters on Saturday at 5pm!

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Partly Cloudy Event.

This past weekend Kendama USA team member Haley Bishoff attended the Partly Cloudy event in Portland, Oregon. Here are some words from Haley about the event plus some pics!

The Portland, Oregon Kendama scene has certainly grown. Partly Cloudy, held by Nick Yturralde, this past weekend was a great success. We were fortunate enough to have support from some awesome sponsors KendamaUSA, Sweets Kendamas, Grain Theory and KROM. The winners of the beginner, intermediate and advanced ladders were Ari Kaldahl, Jalen Rasta and Max Norcross, respectively. We were happy to see the winners and plenty of participants walk away with some fresh prizes all the way from sticker packs to jumbo Kendamas. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event great! Stay tuned for future events in Oregon!!

Congratulations to Max Norcross for taking home the win!!

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Colin Sander Instagram Contest

So Colin Sander is running a fun Instagram contest for you guys! If you don’t have an instagram we highly recommend it to keep up with KendamaUSA contests and all sorts of fun! This is what you need to do to compete!

1. go follow Colin Sander ”@secret_yinzer”

2. RePost this photo with the hashtags #colinsander #kendamausa

3. Comment on Colin’s facebook which kendama you would want to win, and who’s kendama the middle one used to be! Small hint on his post!
Good Luck Everyone!

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KendamaUSA in Hawaii for Yo-Dama Fest 2

words by Keith Matsumura

The kendama scene in Hawaii has been blowing up. It is beyond cool to see kendamas being played everywhere we go in Hawaii. This past week the whole KendamaUSA team headed out to Hawaii for a three day long event at Pearlridge Mall in Oahu. The event was Yo-Dama Fest 2 and was put on by our awesome hosts from Razor Sports and Concepts. I was really stoked for this event not just because it was in Hawaii and I haven’t been there since I was little, but also because our good friends from Gloken, Zoomadanke, and Krom were there as well; as well as the fact that a three day long jam packed kendama event is always a good time. I’ve never gotten to play kendama for so many people and watch so much great performance. Not only did the competitions for the Hawaiian players go absolutely stellar, but I got to watch Zoomadanke perform several times a day. For those of you that may not know, Zoomadanke is a dance/kendama duo from Japan that will blow your mind. The whole team switched out being judges for the competitions and also getting up on stage between rounds to showcase some tricks to the crowd. Having the opportunity to get up many times to perform kendama on the stage however we liked was definitely a blast and not something that we get to do everyday. While kendama players should strive to remain humble, there is nothing wrong with showcasing the tricks that you have worked hard on becoming consistent at.

We even got the super cool opporunity to teach classes throughout the weekend. I really enjoyed getting to team up with some of the other guys from our crew to teach some kendama history, etiquette, and some new tricks to kids. The sound system was so loud that I lost my voice by the third day from teaching, and Colin had to be my voice when I wanted to communicate what I wanted to say. Being able to teach classes at an event is something that on an organized scale was new with this event. I think that we all learned a lot from the kids that came through as well, and it’s safe to say that everyone involved had a great time.

Yo-Dama Fest 2 could not have been more amazing. Huge thankyou to all the players that came out to support the event! You guys are truly what makes the kendama community so awesome. Keep on shredding and doing your thing Hawaii!

We had a couple of days after the event to go shoot some clips, so keep a lookout for some video coverage from this round in Hawaii! I even had enough quiet time to sit down with the one and only Alex Smith and work on a new project that I hope you all will be stoked on; another thing to keep watch for! We went to the North shore and checked out some really awesome nature in Hawaii, as well as hitting up some really awesome beaches. Shout out to all the homies that found us and had an awesome jam session at Waimea bay. Being away from the event and still finding tons of local kids that shred and were just way stoked to hang out with us and do what we all love was too good to see. Those are the kinds of times that make you remember why kendama is so great; when you’re out on a nice day with some good friends just having a great time with this little wooden toy that brings us all so much joy (bit of a quote from Hunter Bailey there).

Keep shredding, seek continual improvement, and have some fun and play kendama!

Peace Hawaii, till next time.




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Hawaii Adventures Volume 1


Hawaii was amazing! I have never seen so many people playing Kendama in my life! 1800 people signed up to the Yo-Dama battle before we had to cut it off. 5000 people total were at the event. Choke players were there! It was great to get some time on Oahu an meet the people and the players. Hawaii is definitely where it’s happenin. Amazing hospitality and kindness from everyone. Huge thank you to Razor Sports and Pearl Ridge Mall for their support and dedication. We will be back soon!

Shoots Brah!

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Kendama USA Welcomes Haley Bishoff to the Tribute Team

For 2014 we wanted to continue growing the Tribute family. Instead of doing a video contest this year, we decided to keep our eyes open for the right person during our travels and events. The Tribute team is one of the most diverse Kendama crews in the world. Each member has their own unique style and personality. The Tribute team travels together, plays together, and evolves together constantly. When it comes to choosing another team member, we look at not only the Kendama play, and but also the type of person you are.

We are very excited and honored to introduce the newest member of the team and family, Haley Bishoff.

Haley has an extensive skill set that that rivals even the most seasoned ninjas. Not only does she slay Kendama, she also is skilled in gymnastics, slackline, yoyo, and epic ba$ketballer videos. She is one of the most chill people to hang with or jam dama and is always down to learn new tricks and teach others. After meeting her a few times on tour and at yoyo events, the whole Kendama USA crew knew it was a perfect match. Haley is Trib.

It was also an unwritten requirement that you be able to do back flips. Haley passed that test with an A+. Welcome to the family Haley!

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