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Partly Cloudy Event.

This past weekend Kendama USA team member Haley Bishoff attended the Partly Cloudy event in Portland, Oregon. Here are some words from Haley about the event plus some pics!

The Portland, Oregon Kendama scene has certainly grown. Partly Cloudy, held by Nick Yturralde, this past weekend was a great success. We were fortunate enough to have support from some awesome sponsors KendamaUSA, Sweets Kendamas, Grain Theory and KROM. The winners of the beginner, intermediate and advanced ladders were Ari Kaldahl, Jalen Rasta and Max Norcross, respectively. We were happy to see the winners and plenty of participants walk away with some fresh prizes all the way from sticker packs to jumbo Kendamas. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event great! Stay tuned for future events in Oregon!!

Congratulations to Max Norcross for taking home the win!!

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Colin Sander Instagram Contest

So Colin Sander is running a fun Instagram contest for you guys! If you don’t have an instagram we highly recommend it to keep up with KendamaUSA contests and all sorts of fun! This is what you need to do to compete!

1. go follow Colin Sander ”@secret_yinzer”

2. RePost this photo with the hashtags #colinsander #kendamausa

3. Comment on Colin’s facebook which kendama you would want to win, and who’s kendama the middle one used to be! Small hint on his post!
Good Luck Everyone!

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KendamaUSA in Hawaii for Yo-Dama Fest 2

words by Keith Matsumura

The kendama scene in Hawaii has been blowing up. It is beyond cool to see kendamas being played everywhere we go in Hawaii. This past week the whole KendamaUSA team headed out to Hawaii for a three day long event at Pearlridge Mall in Oahu. The event was Yo-Dama Fest 2 and was put on by our awesome hosts from Razor Sports and Concepts. I was really stoked for this event not just because it was in Hawaii and I haven’t been there since I was little, but also because our good friends from Gloken, Zoomadanke, and Krom were there as well; as well as the fact that a three day long jam packed kendama event is always a good time. I’ve never gotten to play kendama for so many people and watch so much great performance. Not only did the competitions for the Hawaiian players go absolutely stellar, but I got to watch Zoomadanke perform several times a day. For those of you that may not know, Zoomadanke is a dance/kendama duo from Japan that will blow your mind. The whole team switched out being judges for the competitions and also getting up on stage between rounds to showcase some tricks to the crowd. Having the opportunity to get up many times to perform kendama on the stage however we liked was definitely a blast and not something that we get to do everyday. While kendama players should strive to remain humble, there is nothing wrong with showcasing the tricks that you have worked hard on becoming consistent at.

We even got the super cool opporunity to teach classes throughout the weekend. I really enjoyed getting to team up with some of the other guys from our crew to teach some kendama history, etiquette, and some new tricks to kids. The sound system was so loud that I lost my voice by the third day from teaching, and Colin had to be my voice when I wanted to communicate what I wanted to say. Being able to teach classes at an event is something that on an organized scale was new with this event. I think that we all learned a lot from the kids that came through as well, and it’s safe to say that everyone involved had a great time.

Yo-Dama Fest 2 could not have been more amazing. Huge thankyou to all the players that came out to support the event! You guys are truly what makes the kendama community so awesome. Keep on shredding and doing your thing Hawaii!

We had a couple of days after the event to go shoot some clips, so keep a lookout for some video coverage from this round in Hawaii! I even had enough quiet time to sit down with the one and only Alex Smith and work on a new project that I hope you all will be stoked on; another thing to keep watch for! We went to the North shore and checked out some really awesome nature in Hawaii, as well as hitting up some really awesome beaches. Shout out to all the homies that found us and had an awesome jam session at Waimea bay. Being away from the event and still finding tons of local kids that shred and were just way stoked to hang out with us and do what we all love was too good to see. Those are the kinds of times that make you remember why kendama is so great; when you’re out on a nice day with some good friends just having a great time with this little wooden toy that brings us all so much joy (bit of a quote from Hunter Bailey there).

Keep shredding, seek continual improvement, and have some fun and play kendama!

Peace Hawaii, till next time.




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Hawaii Adventures Volume 1


Hawaii was amazing! I have never seen so many people playing Kendama in my life! 1800 people signed up to the Yo-Dama battle before we had to cut it off. 5000 people total were at the event. Choke players were there! It was great to get some time on Oahu an meet the people and the players. Hawaii is definitely where it’s happenin. Amazing hospitality and kindness from everyone. Huge thank you to Razor Sports and Pearl Ridge Mall for their support and dedication. We will be back soon!

Shoots Brah!

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Kendama USA Welcomes Haley Bishoff to the Tribute Team

For 2014 we wanted to continue growing the Tribute family. Instead of doing a video contest this year, we decided to keep our eyes open for the right person during our travels and events. The Tribute team is one of the most diverse Kendama crews in the world. Each member has their own unique style and personality. The Tribute team travels together, plays together, and evolves together constantly. When it comes to choosing another team member, we look at not only the Kendama play, and but also the type of person you are.

We are very excited and honored to introduce the newest member of the team and family, Haley Bishoff.

Haley has an extensive skill set that that rivals even the most seasoned ninjas. Not only does she slay Kendama, she also is skilled in gymnastics, slackline, yoyo, and epic ba$ketballer videos. She is one of the most chill people to hang with or jam dama and is always down to learn new tricks and teach others. After meeting her a few times on tour and at yoyo events, the whole Kendama USA crew knew it was a perfect match. Haley is Trib.

It was also an unwritten requirement that you be able to do back flips. Haley passed that test with an A+. Welcome to the family Haley!

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Official Dama Fest 2013 Edit

Dama Fest 2013 was an amazing event. Much respect goes out to Matt Ballard for documenting the entire week and putting together this edit.

Huge thanks to everybody who made the trip to Atlanta for an unforgettable Kendama experience. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our entire team and all our sponsors. Special thanks to Kendama USA, Kendama Co, Sweets Kendama, Kendama DK x KROM, and Tribute Kendama. Big shout out to Keith Matsumura for taking the win.

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Kengarden Roots Tour 2013 July 19-27

YALL READY!!!!???? JULY 19 – 27th!!!!! West Coast.
Here is a little taste of last years road adventure with tour.






Info Broadcast #001 – Coordinates announced.

// 001 __ San Francisco Ca 7/19 DOLORES PARK -Noon – 4pm
// 002 __ Sacramento CA – Shasta Community park Noon – 4PM 7/20
// 003 __ Tahoe NV 7/22 – Shorline of Tahoe @ The Marriot. 11am – 4pm
// 004 __ Eugene OR 7/23 6:30 – 8:30 BBQ Location in the works.
// 004 __ Portland OR 7/24 TBD
// 005 __ Wenatchee WA 7/26 WALLA WALL PARK – 11AM – 4PM AFTER PARTY at Hooked on Toys 5pm – 6pm
// 006 __ Seattle WA – Richmond Beach Park 1PM 7/27

Info Broadcast #002 – Kendamanauts / Tour STARS!

// Turner Throne
// Dave Mateo
// SOURMASH (live Painting)
// Alex Smith
// Zack Yourd
// Colin Sander
// Matt Rice
// TJ Kolesnik
// Jake Wiens
// Keith Matsumura!!!
// MYSTERY????
// MYSTERY????
// MYSTERY????

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Kendama USA is thrilled to host the 2013 Dama Fest on May 11, 2013 in Atlanta GA. Dama Fest is a unique Kendama event with high level players from across North America, Japan, and Europe all under 1 roof. It’s a great opportunity to meet your favorite Kendama pros face to face, see brand new unreleased Kendama products, and jam with some of the icons in the Kendama world.

This year we are offering a $1000 top prize, and have some unbelievable prizes and raffles. This is the Kendama event of 2013 you do NOT want to miss!!!

Dama Fest is made possible by a group of amazing teams and sponsors including:




Players attending:
Tamotsu Kubota, Hajime Ishibashi, Colin Sander, Zack Yourd, Turner Thorne, Alex Smith, Matt Jorgenson, Max Norcross, Christian Fraser, William Penniman, Alex Ruisch, TJ Kolesnik, Dave Mateo, Keith Matsumura, Jake Wiens, Sam Merkel, Hunter Bailey, Eric Martin, Matt Rice, Kristin Olinyk, Matthew Ballard, Nick Mayo, Zack Winters, Alex Loomer, and many, many more!!!

This event will be FREE to attend, and $10 to compete in the main event.
See you in May!

Vendor space and sponsorship is available. Email us HERE for more information.

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HUGE Battle at Metropolis Comix!! Breaking Ice 2012

Here is an extended edit showcasing the Breaking Ice 2012 Contest hosted by Metropolis Comix.


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Win Free Kendamas! Doubles Edit Contest from Kendama USA

It’s time for another awesome Kendama USA contest!  In the Doubles competition you will have to choose wisely, as you’ll be working with a friend.  You will both play simultaneously, and as always, we encourage you to get as creative as possible.  You will be judged on synchronization, creativity, difficulty of tricks, location choice and the overall quality of the edit.  Remember the whole point of the competition is to get together with your buds and have FUN!  Lets get stoked on Kendama again before summer is over.

Contest Rules:

•  You must choose one teammate in your edit. You cannot submit another edit with a different Teammate.
•  Creativity and new tricks is a major plus.
•  The more synchronized you and your teammate are on each trick, the better.
•  The tricks must actually be filmed simultaneously.  No editing cheats!
•  Your edit MUST be 1:30 or less. If you go over the time limit, it is automatically disqualified, and we will be sad with you.
•  Deadline is Sunday, August 5th, at 11:59 pm PDT (pacific daylight time, westside!!).   Any edit submitted after the deadline will not be accepted, and great sadness will be felt.

How to enter:
•  Upload your edit to YouTube or Vimeo.  You must include “Kendama USA Doubles Contest” in the title.
•  Send an email to  with the edit URL link, names of both players, contact info, and a mailing address for prizes.

• 1st place winner
- 2 new Sakura style Kendamas, new from Ozora
- 2 Tribute Kendamas of choice  (non custom)
- 2 T-shirts of choice
- 2 New Color String Packs
- 2 Sticker packs and poster packs

•2nd place winner
- 1 new Sakura style Kendama, new from Ozora
- 1 Tribute Kendama of choice (non custom)
- 2 Tribute T-shirts
- 2 Kendama Wooden Stencils
- 2 New Color String Packs
- 2 Sticker packs and 2 poster packs

•3rd place winner
- 2 Tribute Kendamas of choice (non custom)
- 1 KendamaUSA T-shirt
- 1 Sticker Pack
- 1 New Color String Packs

There are some other special prizes being given away for runner up edits, but you have to enter to find out!!!

Grab a friend and start filming.  Have fun!!!


See the winners HERE

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Kengarden West Coast Tour June 9th – 16th

If you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you might not have heard about the Kengarden west coast tour.  Starting on June 9th, a van full of Dama rippers will be piling into an epic sprinter van for the week of a lifetime.  Things kick off in San Francisco before stopping though Sacramento, Tahoe, Bend, Portland, and ending at the battle in Seattle.  The van will be full of Dama Pros, the one and only Sourmash, boxes full of Kengarden swag, Kendama USA goodies, and a mountain of Tributes!!!  Be sure to check the schedule and come hang out when we roll through your city.  Every member of Kendama USA and Tribute will be attending the Battle in Seattle, so we can’t wait to see you there!!!

Click the image above to RSVP and find out important tour details!


Huge kudos to Tribute’s own Jake Weins and The Kengarden for organizing and making this historical event happen.

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DamaFest Edit

In November 2011, Kendama USA hosted the first ever Dama Fest. Kendama enthusiasts from all over the country, and even Europe came to Atlanta GA for this amazing event. Huge thanks to everybody who showed up and helped support it. This includes the Kengarden, Ozora, Sweets, Deal with It, SourMash, Saga, and of course Kendama USA and Tribute Kendamas. Congratulations to all the winners, and our first champion Sebastian Orrego. Hope to see you there next year.

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