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Friends and Family Edit from Derek Dotson

thanks for sending!

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2011 Pro Team Contest. Round 2.

Congrats to everybody who made it into Round 2. The judging was very difficult as the entries get better and better every year. A big thanks and shout out to everybody who participated.

So lets get Round 2 started!! We feel that a Pro should be able to represent Kendama on a variety of levels, and we want to see how YOU would choose to present Kendama to the world in a single edit.

We’ll be judging on a big mix of things. Overall skill level, technical ability, creativity, flow, steez, production value, spot selection, humor, personality, attitude, and originality. Round 1 entries will also be taken into consideration.

The title of this edit should be: This is Kendama. *YourName* Kendama USA Pro Contest Round 2

Edits should be no longer than 3:00
All edits must be submitted by Monday, December 19th at 11:59pm EST.

Just like in Round 1, email your link to [email protected] before the deadline.

We can’t wait to see the entries. Have fun making your edits, and prove to us why you’re going to be the next Kendama USA Pro.

much respect.

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Friends and Family Edit from Benji Rechin

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Round 1 Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all the Round 1 Winners!!! During the Dama Fest weekend, the Pro Team spent hours going over all the edits, and talking about who will move on.  It was really tough this year, with so many exceptional entries.  Prize packages are going out to all our winners next week, as well as some of the other entries that didn’t make the cut, but still stood out to us.  Huge thanks to everybody who took the time to make an entry.  We hope you had as much fun making them, as we did watching them.

The Round 2 details will be announced very soon!   Stay tuned.


Round 1 Winners

Keith Matsumura
Tj Kolesnik
Daniel Robinson
Gus Carstens
Alex Smith
Danny Mason
Gerard Gotgotao
Alex Ramos
Dave Mateo
Thomas Holzer
Jimmy Jacobson
Julian Down
Daniela von Rohr
Damien Klaven


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Black Friday Sale (2011)!!!

Today, November 25th, 2011 only, 15% off everything in the store!!
Stock up for your holiday gifts while the deals are good! Sale ends at midnight EASTERN time.

During checkout, use the code: BLACKFRIDAYDAMA

happy shopping!!


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Zack Yourd Ceramic Kendama Edit

Really awesome edit of some amazing Kendama work by Zack Yourd. We got to see some of these first hand during Dama Fest, and they are beauties! Keep the creativity flowing!!

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New Friends and Family video from M. Curtis

Thanks for sharing!

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In case you missed the LIVE streaming announcement from Jake at the Kengarden, the ladders for Dama Fest are posted here.


Candle stick
Around the block
Pull up spike
Sara grip orbit
Big cup to spike


Sara grip around the universe
Base cup Ken flip back to bottom cup then to spike
Swing spike earth sara grip
Under bird to spike
Lighthouse to in to swoop
Airplane jumping stick

Advanced ladders

1. Around the USA Sara Grip
2. pull up tama grip, toss ball/switch grip to bottom cup, to spike
3. one turn light house to lunar to in
4. airplane, switch grip to base cup, switch back to tama grip to in.
5. 1 turn lighthouse, flip to lighthouse, to Ken grab to spike
6. Statue of liberty (pull up spike above your head hold in victory)



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Edit 8 Bonus and Broll

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Dama Fest Ladders announced November 16 LIVE!!!

Matt, Jake, and Sourmash will be announcing the Dama Fest ladders live on Wednesday night. 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. You can watch the announcements on the Kengarden Live channel HERE

There may be some new Dama Fest information announced, and some guest calls during the show as well, so stay tuned!!!
Ladders will be posted online after the show is over.

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SourMash Live Painting at Dama Fest!!!

Jake at the Kengarden just uploaded this awesome edit of Mash getting prepped for the ATL trip. I’m sure it goes without saying but… don’t miss DamaFest!!!

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GA Kendama Players, Help us spread the word about Dama Fest

Here is a black and white version of our poster that is easy to print out and photocopy. Help us blast these all over GA!!! If you have trouble downloading the image and want to print some out, email us at [email protected] and we can send you an image file.

Thanks for the support, and see you at DAMA FEST!!!!

Click on this Flyer image to open the High Resolution image

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