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Tuesday Kengarden Session 62414!

Every Tuesday Jake Wiens teams up with San Franpsycho for a kendama and yoyo session! This week Jake busted out the camera and got some clips of everyone that showed up. If you want to join in on the fun, it’s every Tuesday at 505 divisadero San Francisco California from 5-8.


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Amazing Edit From Scotland!

Today we are featuring an edit from  Grant “Podge” Shepherd all the way from Scotland! This is a beautifully crafted edit and we highly recommend giving it a watch!

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Epic Unboxing Video.

Nick and Zack Gallagher just placed second in the cooks custom contest with an amazing doubles edit! They then decided to do an unboxing video of the prizes, their reaction is amazing!

Here is their contest video as well.

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Arizona Pool Session.

While the team was in Arizona for the ASTRA Toy Show we had a chance to meet and hang out the Herrera family. Burgers, drinks, a pool, and an epic diving board!  The weather was amazing at night! It was midnight and over 90 degrees outside! Everyone on the team comes from some corner of the action sports world so we immediately gravitated to the diving board. Some epic dives, belly flops, and cannon balls happened that night.  When your on the road and traveling nothing beats hanging out with a local family.  Huge thank you to the Herrera family for the hospitality and letting TJ jump off your roof!

Words and Pictures by Jake Wiens

Check out all the photos HERE! 


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Super Sticky Tribute Back In Stock.

The Super Stick tribute is one of our Favorite damas here at Kendama USA and all colors are now back in stock! get one before they disappear.


           DEEP TURQUOISE 




               GLACIER WHITE 

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けん玉ワールドカップ廿日市2014 けん玉USA、参戦メンバー紹介




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Keith Matsumura Bag Explosion.

Keith Matsumura is currently preparing for a long journey to Japan and Europe this summer and you can bet he will be doing a lot of filming during his travels. Here is a picture of what Keith keeps in his camera bag during a filming session.

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Tributes and Classics approved by the BKA!

Kendama USA Tributes and Classics have now been approved for competition by the British Kendama Association! Head over to The BKA to find out more about approved kendamas, upcoming events, and competitions right here And pick up your own tribute or classic by clicking on the pictures!

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Zack Yourd’s Tea Museum.

If you didnt know Zack Yourd is and avid brewer of Tea and Coffee when he’s not playing kendama and today he gives you a sneak peak of his extensive tea collection. can you spot the dama?


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Haley Bishoff’s Dama Playslist #2!

Looking for that perfect playlist to listen to while you dama? Well Haley Bishoff brings you Dama Jams Vol. 2!

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Alex Smith Reddit AMA.

Alex smith will be doing an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit friday the 6th of June at 12:00 pm. If you Have ever wanted to ask Alex Smith a question well now is your chance! goto to have your question answered!

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Product Spotlight: Glacier White Tribute

The glacier white super stick tribute kendama is perfect for lacing those quad Lunars and quintuple light house flips. This is one of the stickiest kendamas available at Kendama usa. This kendama has been through a lot of testing from our pros and has passed with flying colors! If you are asking if its sticky? or how sticky is it? this is the kendama for you! Get your own right  HERE!

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