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Jake Wiens Unboxing video!

Ever wonder what it is like to get a sponsorship package from KendamaUSA? Well Jake goes all out in this video and shows off all of the kendama’s that were sent his way! Enjoy!

Want to get your hands on one of the kendama’s in the video? click HERE!!

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Jake Wiens and Tj Kolesnik in Hawaii for DUNKXCHANGE!

Go kick it with TJ and Jake at the DunkXchange this Sunday in Honolulu Hawaii!

-Get the freshest Kaizen, Tribute, and Kendama USA gear.



-Kendama Ladder Contest


- Get your tickets right HERE

$10 Presale tickets $15 at the door.

Entry fee includes, Entry to DunkXchange, 1 Raffle ticket, Contest Entry, and an amazing session with TJ Kolesnik and Jake Wiens.

2pm – 7pm

Blaisdell Hawaii Suites

Honolulu Hawaii


See you there!!!!

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2014 Kaizens Everywhere!

Check out the Kendama USA family around the country laying down some tricks on the new KAIZEN!

Get one today at

Turner Thorne
Keith Matsumura
Bryan Scagline
Jake Wiens
Dave Mateo
Haley Bishoff
Tj Kolesnik
Wyatt Bray

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Kendama USA at Blading Cup!

Come hang out with TJ, Jake, Dave, and Harald along with the worlds best bladers and b boys!

The Blading Cup is an entire block of action! Don’t miss it!!

Get all the info right HERE!!

If you are anywhere new Santa Ana California then get over to the Blading Cup on Sat November 1st!

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Kendama USA will be attending MKO this year with Keith Matsumura, Alex Smith, and Turner Thorne!


The 2014 MKO will be held in the rotunda of the Mall of America on Saturday, November 1st.
Entry to the event is free

Costs to compete:

Beginner & Intermediate:
$8 – Pre-Registration
$12 – Day of event

Open (Advanced + Pro):
$15 – Pre-Registration
$20 – Day of event

Registration: 9:30am-11:00am

Event: 11:00am-6:00pm

Air Traffic Kites and Games will be the exclusive vendor for this year’s MKO.

Competition Style:

Beginner and Intermediate Ladders

Head-to-Head Open Division (Advanced/Pro)

7 to Spike (Freestyle Invite-Only)

There will also be mini-games, consistency challenges, and much more!

For more information click HERE!


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Kendama Featured On Facebook’s New App!

Facebook just released their new app called “Rooms”. This app allows you to create groups with you’re friends that have the same common interests as you! Kendama is spotted right when you download the app, and is used as an example throughout the set up!  Check out all the articles featured below, and go download Facebook rooms right HERE!



“Already popular on Rooms: beat boxing, Kicks from Above (cool shoes in cool places) and mouth watering, home-cooked meals, not to mention families who have ditched suburbia to raise their kids on the road and Facebook employees obsessively playing Kendama, a traditional Japanese game.” -Jessica Guynn, USA Today








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Gloken Mugen Musou Sessions – Kendama World Cup 2014

Colin Sander put together a short edit of some of the guys jamming their Musou’s durring the world cup in Japan! Enjoy!

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RJ #Freezeoftheday Montage!!

When RJ Puno isn’t dancing for the Jabawokeez he is Lacing dama tricks and defying the laws of gravity! Check out this edit of his mind blowing moves!

And to see more of these amazing shots Follow him on Instagram @ROCKADEEZY

Huge thanks to Stance, Jabbawockeez. PRiSM, and SuperCr3w!!

filmed by Anderson Ko and Daniel Zhu
edited by Daniel Zhu



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What The Dama Art Show!

“Shimpei Kimura introduces the new subculture of the Kendama, a children’s toy introduced to Japan in the early 1800′s. However, people of today have re-invented the kendama, and made it a popular sport around the world.” This Gallery will be traveling to Osaka in November so if you are nearby it is definitely worth checking out!


Jake Wiens kendama was featured in this art installment as well and is still for sale right HERE

For more information about the gallery check out the full website HERE!

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Jake Wiens – Around The World.

Around the world is one of the most essential kendama tricks to learn. Simply small cup – big cup – bottom cup – spike. Jake Wiens explores a few different styles and ads a new twist on an old trick.
Whats your style?

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Kendama Spotted in Fiftythree’s MIX comercial!

A Tribute Kendama is spotted in the new Ad for Fiftythree’s most recent app called MIX. This app allows you to create a drawing, post it, and then others have the choice of adding on to it! It is another amazing take on connecting people via social media! Check out The app website right here!

Huge Thanks to Adam Kingman for spotting this!

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Q&A Interview with Yuji Umetsu from Ozora

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Yuji Umetsu at the Kendama USA offices in Atlanta GA.  Yuji is the current president of Yamagata Kobou, the maker of the famous Ozora Kendama.  We have been proud to offer Ozora products for the better half of a decade, and were very happy to finally have the chance to meet face to face after years of emails.  It was great learning more about the history of Yamagata Kobou, and hearing about future plans and products.  For several decades, Yamagata Kobou has built it’s reputation on quality craftsmanship, and a sincere passion for Kendama.  It’s an honor to have such a great partner, and look forward to the chance to meet again.  While Yuji was here, several questions came in from the Kendama community, and we complied this Q&A below.  Big thanks to Yuji Umetsu and Fumiaki Iwata for taking the time to visit and help give us more insight to their perspectives on Kendama.

How long have you been in the Kendama Business?

Personally, Since 4 years old, play 24 years.

Furthermore I was watching my grandfather who is the founder of Yamagata Koubou, was making kendama everyday sitting next to him.

As a president 5 years, Company 41 years.


What is the largest, or heaviest Kendama you have made?

Wood Keyaki, Length 88cm, weight 20 kg.

Compared with normal kendama, 5 times long, 125 times heavy.


What does Kendama mean to you?

It means sincerity, honesty, truth, which mean my whole life itself.


Why did you discontinue Sky Blue, Yellow, and Orange?

We change the colors periodically. Change means sometimes add and decrease.



When was Ozora founded?



What was your personal favorite Ozora color?



What is your most prized kendama, or your favorite kendama?

It is Yosaburo kendama which was made by Yosaburo Suzuki, our funder, at the year of 1973.


What is your opinion about the American kendama scene?  How has it changed or influenced kendama in Japan?

About the American kendama scene, I thought it is very cool and nice after I watched American kendama movie.

Also, Japanese kendama player or young people might have felt same way.

Be sure to check out all of Ozora’s products in our shop HERE



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