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Announcing the brand new Classic Kendama

Back to basics. Simplicity and playability were the focus in developing the Kendama USA Classic series. Made of birch wood, this Kendama is the lightest and softest wood in our collection. This is the first Kendama we have manufactured using the traditional 2 piece Japanese handle and stringing assembly, instead of the “fixed” handle style of the Tribute Kendama. A perfect choice for the player who is looking for an affordable Kendama, but isn’t willing to sacrifice playability.

Please note that unlike the Tribute models, the Classics are a simplified product and do not include instructions, stickers, extra strings, or a metal reinforcement inside the handle.

Get yours today in our Online Store

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News Coverage on Good Day Sacramento

The homies over at Sac Kendama got a spot on Good Day Sacramento today. It’s fun checking out the skills of news hosts during these reports in different parts of the country. This guy got pretty dialed for on-air! Huge thanks for the shout outs to Kendama USA, Metropolis Comix, and for rocking the Tribute shirts and hoodies!

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Kendama USA Japan Tour 2012 – Full Length Official Edit

In November 2012 the Kendama USA Pro Team traveled to Japan to explore Kendama’s roots, players, and experience the homeland of this game that has changed all of our lives. This is the full length edit of our travels and tricks. Edited by Colin Sander.

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TJ Kolesnik Lefty Edit

Everything is tougher left handed. Writing your name, eating cereal, using your iPhone … but especially playing Kendama. Even the most simple tricks become nearly impossible when you try it switch. TJ Kolesnik recently moved to San Diego and has been training his lefty skills on the swaggy beaches. Enjoy!

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Kendama USA NYC 2012 Episode 3 – Underground

Kendama USA spent a few weeks in New York City this winter for some city exploring, kendama playing, and of course the annual Toy Fair. During any New York City trip, you’re bound to spend a lot of time underground riding the subways, and that’s what episode 3 is all about. We met lots of interesting folks on the trains, and had lots of good mini sessions walking through stations and jamming on the platforms as we cruised through the city.

Big thanks to Jake Wiens for help behind the lens, and Jamie Olmstead for editing.

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Where We Are. A WKT Movie by Matt Ballard

We cannot even find the words to describe this movie. Absolutely unparalleled quality. A unique glimpse into the Kendama community around the world. Matt Ballard and WKT have outdone themselves, and helped to tell an amazing story that needed to be told. No need to read anymore … Just watch and enjoy.

Published on Dec 16, 2012

Kendama is more than just a toy. It is the focal point of a community of people brought together by a common passion. From their hometown of Wenatchee, WA to the impoverished streets of Burundi, Africa, Where We Are follows Wenatchee Kendama Team as they take part in different communities around the globe.

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Starring WKT- Alex Loomer, Alex Winters, Chris Ringering, Chris Rodrigues, Conner Walsh, Greg Ringering, Jacob Resler, Keith Matsumura, Matthew Ballard, Nick Mayo, Scott Paine, Will Burwell, Zack Winters

Friends- Turner Thorne, Alex Smith, Jake Wiens, Dave Mateo, TJ Kolesnik, Hunter Bailey, Dana Fenster, Kristian Aynedter, Adam Kingman, Thomas Holzer, Daniela Von Rohr, Daniel Perez, Marta Queralt, Dan Robinson

Sponsors- KendamaUSA

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by- Matthew Ballard

Shot On Location- Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Switzerland, Spain, Burundi

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Sourmash Custom Alphabet Series

Here are more images of the Sourmash Custom Alphabet Seriest which is now available in our store HERE

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Kendama USA Japan Tour 2012 – Toyko Street Session

When we arrived at the hotel in Tokyo, we found Zack Yourd already jamming with big group of Japanese Professional Kendama players.  We wandered around the Shinjuku area and took in the epic views of Tokyo from the tops of sky scrapers.  We had a late night jam session in the streets of Shinjuku.  The group included Katsuaki Shimadera, Satoru Akimoto, Akira Tajima, Kenta Sakamoto, Hajime Ishibashi, Tomoyuki Tsukui, and the Kendama USA Pro Team.  All the Japanese players stomped out tricks with clean style and mind boggling consistency.  It’s a level of skill that is amazing to witness in person.  99% of the tricks were landed first try!!! It was an honor to meet everybody and really good time in the streets of Tokyo.

Special thanks to Colin Sander for the skills behind the lens and inside the editing room.

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Matt Decoteau Kendama Edit 7

Final finished :) Plenty of bangers plus some quick-shots from my trip to California and around Canton. I wanted to create a higher energy kendama edit and took inspiration from the music video for the song DIE SLOW by HEALTH. All rights to HEALTH

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Kendama USA NYC 2012 Episode 2 – Times Square

Kendama USA spent a few weeks in New York City this winter for some city exploring, kendama playing, and of course the annual Toy Fair. In Episode 2 the guys hit the streets and roam through Times Square. We got to stomp some tricks, meet some interesting people from all over the world, and introduce them to Kendama. They seemed pretty pumped! Despite being freezing cold, it was an amazing time.

Big thanks to Jake Wiens for help behind the lens, and Jamie Olmstead for editing.

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HUGE Battle at Metropolis Comix!! Breaking Ice 2012

Here is an extended edit showcasing the Breaking Ice 2012 Contest hosted by Metropolis Comix.


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On Snow in Japan

Zack, Turner and Alex spend a few hours at SNOVA, in Yokohama, Japan.
Sketchy rental gear on ice. What a crazy place for the first day of a new winter season.
Part of the KendamaUSA pro team’s tour in Japan, November 2012.
Music: The Rapture by Sabrepulse

Checkout the online store HERE

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