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Kendama USA Japan Tour 2012 – Full Length Official Edit

In November 2012 the Kendama USA Pro Team traveled to Japan to explore Kendama’s roots, players, and experience the homeland of this game that has changed all of our lives. This is the full length edit of our travels and tricks. Edited by Colin Sander.


    What kind of kendama’s are the pro’s using?

  • @Jorndan Pro models and Tributes!!

  • You guys should do trick tips. i cant get the ball on the spike…

  • My mind was literally just blown. Great job.

  • ^ hahahahaha that’s a hard one

  • Luca Ponzi that u bro?

  • If you guys didn’t figure it out yet. They were playing with the 2013 pro models which have not yet been released. Colin sander-green, Zack yourd-orange, Turner Thorne-Dark Blue, Alex Smith-yellowish.

  • New Pro Model sneak peak!!!

  • The Colin Sander edition is yellow not green in this video. and where he does use a green one its probaby a tribute

  • whos this jeremy morris guy?

  • From the looks of it, I’m guessing that the new Pro Model paint is more tacky. Perhaps it’s the same formula as Terra paint, as Alex Smith is now a KendamaUSA Pro?

  • Kendama is The Best thing ever and
    Nice video from japan

  • I want a limeted edithion pro model purple

  • Super progressive tricks… keeping kendama interesting, and pushing the limits of what would seem like a simple wooden skill toy. Nice job KendamaUsa.

  • Why is the team switching kendama colors? I’m so confused! Hey I heard Colin sander lived in Washington, he should come to the steilacoom park in Lakewood and perform.

  • I’m pretty awesome at kendama myself and I watch tons of the pro model edits but this was the best !

  • Guys you rock so much!! But do you have a special paint because I have the zack yourd limited edition cherry and when I do lighthouse it’s so slick it just falls off

  • Dude ur kendama a are awesome I a ozora dragen golde ball black dragon and agreement 5hole tribute

  • when do the 2013 pro models come out?

  • it vary nice

  • Hey my names desmond and have only been using kendonas sience around may of 2012 im learning exgreamly fast and i have just been using sweets kendams then i used a kendona from kendoma usa and fell inlove now im doing gun slingers bird to underbird and just crazy stuff thsnkyou soooo much i love ozodas!!!!!!!!

  • When do the new 2013 Pro Models come out?!

  • Awesome edit! the best place in the world to play kendama is definetly japan.

  • i want a og leaf or a 2013 pro model cuz it’s got a rubber-like texture paint on the tama I <3 Kendama

  • They r the 2013 pros can’t u see the symbols its zach yourd orange Alex smith yellow and turner thorne dark blue Colin sanders green

  • How hard is the 5 cup

  • Am I the only one that saw the pros were using theyre pro models they JUST released a week ago in cherry wood? Asking since this video was from december 2012, 3 months ago so. Just saying, PLEASE RELEASE CHERRY WOOD PRO MODELS AGAIN :’)

  • Should I get the tribute or the ozora?

  • hi

  • when are the pro kendama colours coming ? couse i can only get the pro lemon colour :(

  • That was so awesome I own the green Colin sander pro model now and I can lunar very easily

  • How do they get Cherry Wood Rubberized Kendamas ( LUCKY ) SELL DOSE they’ll go through the rough

  • When are you guys going put out the Dama Fest video ?

  • Did you guys put out the Dama Fest video yet for 2013?

  • What is the age limit if I want to be part of the team

  • Is there any chance I can send an edit to see if u guys can sponsor me @kendamausa

  • Do you have the rubberized paint kendamas?

  • Our super stick models, silks, and 2013 pro models all have very tacky and unique finishes. Very similar to what many companies claim as “rubberized” but with a better quality paint that plays amazing!

  • What was the kendama with the logo on the tama? That one is so nice.

  • thats awesome i own the zack yourd pro model

  • thats awesome i own the zack yourd pro model too

  • What song is that?

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