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Musous on a Plane

Kendama USA and Gloken partner to bring some of your favorite kendama-shredders to Japan. These are the shenanigans that ensued on only the flight over. Get stoked for the rest.

This was shot & cut on planes.

Kendama Play:
Dave Mateo
Turner Thorne
Colin Sander
Jake Wiens

Edit by the one and only, Colin Sander.

Thanks to everybody on flight DL283 for letting the mid-flight dama session go down.

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Jake Wiens turns Pro for Kendama USA

We couldn’t be more honored and excited to announce Jake Wiens as the new 2013 Kendama USA Pro Team Member.

Jake has been an awe inspiring figure in the Kendama community for as long as I can remember. The roots he planted during the first backyard Kengarden battles in San Francisco have grown into something none of us could have imagined. Jake brings an unmatched energy and enthusiasm to the game, and shares a true passion for introducing Kendama to new players around the world. With all the collaborations, mutual support, amazing events, and incredible dama journeys over the past few years, it’s a very well deserved spot.

This edit takes you into Jakes life in San Francisco, with stories from some of his closest friends and inspirations.

Jake’s Pro Model Kendama will be released in 2014. Welcome to the family.

Big thanks to Colin Sander for the incredible production quality, and to Tori Sander for the crispy stills. Shoutouts to Matt Rice, Andy Olive, Guy Wright, and Sourmash for their contributions to this production.

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2013 Limited Edition Pro Models now available. All cherry!!!

All cherry. All the time. These beautiful Kendamas are the hardwood version of the standard 2013 Pro Models. They are strung with the same color string as their beech wood counterpart. The denser, harder cherry wood adds more weight to your Kendama game and has a great clack sound like no other. The 2013 Pro Model sticky paint has been a game changer, and this limited edition series is one of our favorite Kendama’s we’ve ever produced. These are the rarest specimens in our spirit animal series. Be sure to swoop one before they’re extinct!

A portion of every purchase goes straight to your favorite pro, helping to support future Kendama progression and growth.

Get your own today in our STORE.

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Dave Mateo’s Spike Hard Catch Low edit #2 – For the Love

For me Kendama in general is many things. I like to think of it as a tool that has helped me get through life. It really teaches patience, keeps you chasing for something new or challenging, and creates an environment that cant be explained unless you are physically there to experience it. Kendama has given me more than I could ever ask for without even asking. If we apply the same efforts and dedication we put into life the way we play Kendama, there would be no end to our perseverance. Give challenges in your life the same chance that you had given to land your hardest trick and move with the same dedication to the next one.


- Mateo

K-os – Black Ice
Esperanto – Night of the wolf
K-os – Crucial (remix)

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The Kengarden Adventures. Tuesday Session

Really awesome look into the SF Dama culture, put together by Isiah Flores and the homies at Loop Kicks.  Check out a session at the Kengarden popup store inside San Franpsycho.  Great day of dama.


If you want to try out Kendama, you can always find one in our store HERE.





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Jake Wiens talks Kendama

What does Kendama mean to you?

Jake Wiens talks Kendama. Take notes. This is just a taste of whats in store. Stay tuned.

Kendama is whatever you want it to be. Kendama could be your sport. It could be your hobby. It could be your time-waster. It could be your break from the office. It could be your meditation. It could be your workout. It could be just straight up stress relief. Or it could be what you do with your friends. So when it comes down to it, it’s your Kendama, and it’s your choice of whatever you want it to be.

Get your own Kendama in our online STORE.

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