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VOTE NOW! Team Wiens vs. Team Fuegz

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Jake Wiens turns Pro for Kendama USA

We couldn’t be more honored and excited to announce Jake Wiens as the new 2013 Kendama USA Pro Team Member.

Jake has been an awe inspiring figure in the Kendama community for as long as I can remember. The roots he planted during the first backyard Kengarden battles in San Francisco have grown into something none of us could have imagined. Jake brings an unmatched energy and enthusiasm to the game, and shares a true passion for introducing Kendama to new players around the world. With all the collaborations, mutual support, amazing events, and incredible dama journeys over the past few years, it’s a very well deserved spot.

This edit takes you into Jakes life in San Francisco, with stories from some of his closest friends and inspirations.

Jake’s Pro Model Kendama will be released in 2014. Welcome to the family.

Big thanks to Colin Sander for the incredible production quality, and to Tori Sander for the crispy stills. Shoutouts to Matt Rice, Andy Olive, Guy Wright, and Sourmash for their contributions to this production.

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Sourmash Custom Alphabet Series

Here are more images of the Sourmash Custom Alphabet Seriest which is now available in our store HERE

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Sourmash New Burgundy Paths Just Dropped


We are thrilled to collaborate with Sourmash on a few new Artist Series.  Mash is a creative genius, and a seasoned master with his artistic skills.  He is always coming out with fresh styles and painting techniques perfect for Kendama play.  Sourmash’s customs are well known for their stickyness and durability.

The Path Tamas are each unique masked designs created by Sourmash himself.

The Sourmash Paths are strung on a Tribute Kendama handle for maximum performance.  Each piece includes an extra string and bead set.


Pick one up now at the null

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Thank you Sourmash, from everybody at Kendama USA!

Sourmash hooked up the Kendama USA warehouse employees with some beautiful custom Tributes for Christmas. Everybody was stoked to get them, and we decided to film this quick thank you video outside the warehouse while we broke them in. Support great artists!!!

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Dama Fest Ladders announced November 16 LIVE!!!

Matt, Jake, and Sourmash will be announcing the Dama Fest ladders live on Wednesday night. 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. You can watch the announcements on the Kengarden Live channel HERE

There may be some new Dama Fest information announced, and some guest calls during the show as well, so stay tuned!!!
Ladders will be posted online after the show is over.

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SourMash Live Painting at Dama Fest!!!

Jake at the Kengarden just uploaded this awesome edit of Mash getting prepped for the ATL trip. I’m sure it goes without saying but… don’t miss DamaFest!!!

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