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New Pro Team Member announcement

We are proud to announce Alex Smith as the winner of our annual contest, and the newest addition to the Kendama USA Pro Team.

Alex’s edits clearly showed a wide variety of talent and professionalism. Amazing tricks, technical ability, creativity, lifestyle, personality, and production value. He has already made a positive mark in the Kendama community, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the family here. If you haven’t seen them already, make sure to check out his edits below.

We also want to tip our hats to everybody who entered this year, and especially those who came very close in the 2nd round. The quality of the entries absolutely blew our minds, and we have immense respect toward everybody who participated. It was by far the most difficult contest we’ve ever had to judge, so hold your heads up and give yourselves the well deserved credit for what you accomplished. We hope you had a fun time making the edits, and can’t wait for next year.

much respect
-Kendama USA

Round 1

Round 2


    i thought it was the U.S.A team?

  • I thought it was the USA team?

  • It is, but they let people from around the world compete! And I agree with this decision! Even though there were a whole lot of good people that would fit the spot, he fits it the best. Creativity, style, and just straight up steeze! He’s one of my favorite players! Good job Alex!! You sure deserve it!!!!!!!

  • Happy for Alex but was so hoping for Dave Mateo.

  • what color is he goung to pick for the pro model kendama

  • It’s not the U.S.A. team. It’s the kendamaUSA team. So it’s not for this country it’s for the business itself. Because it’s for the business they allowed anyone anywhere to enter.

  • Keith shouldhave won

  • when will his pro model come out and you should get terra kendamas like alex’s

  • Wow keith should have won for sure

  • congrats to Alex. I was really hoping for Dave Mateo to make it.. I didn’t know what real steeze was until I saw him play.

  • What color will the new Pro Model be?

  • Gus Cartens should of won this is BULL CRAP!!

  • when is he going to pick his color

  • 2011 is when the going does he get out?

  • danny mason should have won

  • ive been told his pro model color will be pink, but thats not official just a rumor ive been told

  • when will the new color come out

  • when will the other team be announced

  • Dave Mateo for president!!!!!!!

  • I love Dave!!!!!1

  • do they restock in all the colors or only alex’s new kendama color

  • Keith Matsumura was a lot better kendama player, it would have been cool having a 16 year old on the team

  • *another 16 year old

  • i agree that keith should have one but alex is good to, you guys should hook up with WKT (keiths kendama group) they are amazing this video is great!!!

  • Good job man I was hoping for Keith matsumura though but good job

  • Good job man I was hoping for Keith matsumura though but good job

  • Hey good job, I was hoping you would win!

  • Go on you tube and search MATT CAMPIONE EDIT #2 (not all caps) or kendma edit #3 i dont know him but he is good

  • I’ve read some just right stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot effort you place to create this sort of excellent informative web site.

  • oh thought alex smith already went pro in the nfl hahah

  • Bravo Alex my name is alex

  • When are the pro models coming up for sale again, i would like to buy more.

  • Induce

  • Just a guess but I think that they will release Alex Smith’s pro model kendama sometime during the summer when they restock all of the other pro models.

  • When is the next contest?

  • it should be camelion

  • how come u say that u sell the pro model kendama’s but u dont i cant find them on your web site and the pro model kendama i want to get from u guys is the turner thorne please tell me where to get it

  • In production! They are just sold out at the moment. Aiming for late summer 2012 pro models

  • thanks

  • Guys stop arguing we all know Alex is good but Dave Mateo is awesome he should be on the pro team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Does the paint on the tributes chip easily?

  • Good quality paint. Comparable to TK16 / Ozora quality, but still any Kendama paint can chip over time.

  • anyone know when they will release alex smiths pro model kendama?

  • What color is Alex smith going to pick

  • I really wanna learn a lot of tricks

  • Congrats Alex, you were my pick to win. much creativity, something new and fresh like you said. everyone that entered did great though

  • Nice job! Congrats! Love your style keep kenning!

  • are the pro model kens minis because i saw someone with a zach yord pro model that was a mini

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