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Where We Are. A WKT Movie by Matt Ballard

We cannot even find the words to describe this movie. Absolutely unparalleled quality. A unique glimpse into the Kendama community around the world. Matt Ballard and WKT have outdone themselves, and helped to tell an amazing story that needed to be told. No need to read anymore … Just watch and enjoy.

Published on Dec 16, 2012

Kendama is more than just a toy. It is the focal point of a community of people brought together by a common passion. From their hometown of Wenatchee, WA to the impoverished streets of Burundi, Africa, Where We Are follows Wenatchee Kendama Team as they take part in different communities around the globe.

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Starring WKT- Alex Loomer, Alex Winters, Chris Ringering, Chris Rodrigues, Conner Walsh, Greg Ringering, Jacob Resler, Keith Matsumura, Matthew Ballard, Nick Mayo, Scott Paine, Will Burwell, Zack Winters

Friends- Turner Thorne, Alex Smith, Jake Wiens, Dave Mateo, TJ Kolesnik, Hunter Bailey, Dana Fenster, Kristian Aynedter, Adam Kingman, Thomas Holzer, Daniela Von Rohr, Daniel Perez, Marta Queralt, Dan Robinson

Sponsors- KendamaUSA

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by- Matthew Ballard

Shot On Location- Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Switzerland, Spain, Burundi


    Yeah, I watched this movie yesterday. I was in awe at the amizing filmwork,editing,and tricks. It inspired me so much.

  • I like the part when they slam the Kendamas on the ground when they are mad. That is so cool

  • Man, everything about this gets me even more stoked about kendama. I work in a toy store that sells them, and I teach kids how to play on Wednesday nights. Every day I have to convince people how awesome kendama is, but knowing that there is an entire world-wide community of players makes it all worth it. Thank you, WKT.

  • If you where there in Wenatchee to see it was the best $8 spent I my life.Their was give aways and latters plus turner throne was their.


  • Man this movie was so awesome I been playing kendama for a year now and when I play it takes me in to a fantisy than huh for supporting kendama

  • This is the best movie ever! WKT thats what its allll about

  • This is what kendama is behind the tama! Not just a wooden toy but a way to bring people together. Witch i know sounds cheesy as all hell…

  • wow that was definitely the BEST 42 minutes of kendama

  • so good

  • This is the best kendama video ever thanks for the inspiration

  • Amazing.

  • i didnt watch the movie but having just started playing kendama ive watched every pro entry out there and if dave mateo is reading this then all i wanna say is that u are the reason why i started playing kendam. since i stated kendama its givin me a thing to do on my spare time and every time i watch spike hard catch low i always try to mimic what u do in the video. this is just a suggestion but if u guys are going to go on tour u should really come down to hawaii because we are pretty good, were not as good as u but we got a lot of talent you should really come check us out maybe we can all shoot A video down hear and post up on youtube and dave if u read this im going to beat u atleast once


  • Matthew Ballard is awesome, the fact that he got this whole operation kinda started is waaaay cool. I’m only 12 but Ive been doing it for a year or so and when i saw there first movie on you-tube (which by the way is awesome) it inspired me to try harder at kendama and try to be better. me and my friends would like it if you could come down to chelan because Ive gotta say we have some people that can lighthouse and stuff like that but where not as good as all of you.So long and may all your other friends on WKT have good luck on there tricks. P.S. LONG LIVE KENDAMA!!!!

  • Hey I just want to say best movie ever and turner ur the best man ur the reason on why I started and we got some good guys down in va maybe u guys can hit us up and we can battle and edit add our face books Felix Lopez I got a grey shirt and red hat and Zach Blackburn we got a Yorktown kendama team

  • Nice job guys

  • This is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration. Kendama forever!

  • what was keiths first kendama color? of the ball

  • Awesome! I watched it like 30 times and i love it. Keith is amazingly good at Lunars and Stilts! Cant wait for another vid. I just ordered a KROM Deluxe Rubberwood Tama with Walnut Ken to practice. Also watched the KROM Kendama Movie and loved it just the same!

  • you guys rock i wish i could meet you

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