Kendama USA

Kendama USA Japan Tour 2012 – Toyko Street Session

When we arrived at the hotel in Tokyo, we found Zack Yourd already jamming with big group of Japanese Professional Kendama players.  We wandered around the Shinjuku area and took in the epic views of Tokyo from the tops of sky scrapers.  We had a late night jam session in the streets of Shinjuku.  The group included Katsuaki Shimadera, Satoru Akimoto, Akira Tajima, Kenta Sakamoto, Hajime Ishibashi, Tomoyuki Tsukui, and the Kendama USA Pro Team.  All the Japanese players stomped out tricks with clean style and mind boggling consistency.  It’s a level of skill that is amazing to witness in person.  99% of the tricks were landed first try!!! It was an honor to meet everybody and really good time in the streets of Tokyo.

Special thanks to Colin Sander for the skills behind the lens and inside the editing room.

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