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2014 Cook’s Custom Contest!!

KendamaUSA and Cook’s Custom Painting have teamed up to bring the “2014 Cook’s Custom Contest”

Grab your favorite dama, get creative, and enter to win your own customized kendama line sold on as well as many other prizes.

Follow @cookscustoms on Instagram to get contest updates, sneak peeks to upcoming custom lines and the contest winners.

Theme: Since “The Cook” is all about innovation, we want to challenge new ideas and creativity in the Kendama community. Creativity and technical tricks are the keys to bringing home a prize. Things like trying trick that no one has tried, using a customized kendama, incorporating props, string-less tricks, or even integrating other skills you have are great ideas to impress the judges.

How to enter/rules:  Simply upload a YouTube edit titled “2014 Cooks Custom Kendama Contest” and send the link to [email protected] .  We will send back a confirmation e-mail to assure you that we received the entry. Entry deadline is June 1st 12:00pm EST.  The maximum length is two minutes. Team or partner edits are allowed but be prepared to split the prizes upon winning.



The first place winner will collaborate with Cook’s Custom Painting to create a completely new custom Kendama named after you.  This will be the first limited edition “Cook’s Custom Contest Champion series – your name here” sold on  You’ll also receive 2 of these Champion series kendamas (one to play and one to keep of course), and your edit displayed on the KendamaUSA website.



Second place prize will receive any two Cook’s customs they please, (subject to availability) plus a one-of-a-kind blue to purple color shifting Kendama.



Third place prize will receive any single Cook’s custom they please. (subject to availability)

Judging: The edit will be judged by Cook’s Custom painting and the Native.  Creativity, props, inventiveness, technicality, edit presentation and skill will take your edit to the next level. Don’t be too serious with the edit; kendama is all about having fun and developing skill so be creative as you want and have fun along the way.

To see all of the The Cook’s creations check out his page on the KendamaUSA website:


Also all questions will be answered at [email protected]

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Dave Mateo – SHCL x Royal Rummel

Dave Mateo brings you his latest edit showcasing the 70/30 Kendama by Royal Rummel! Dave never fails to impress with his unique style, flow, and creativity!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


These kendama’s are available at


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Eddy Montalvo Customs available now

Fresh from Sacramento, these crispy new customs are hand made by Mr. Eddy Montalvo himself. Rasta swirls surround a tacky tama that plays as good as it looks.


Each custom is strung on a Tribute handle for optimum performance and comes with an extra string and bead.


Check them out in the store HERE.


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Solar Storms by Starnes

Inspired by NASA’s recent Mars exploration, we have decided to take a journey through the Galaxies. On our latest mission, we discovered a brand new Tama design. Hand crafted by our very own Trevor Starnes, these “Solar Storms” have certainly captured the most unique expressions that can not be duplicated! Gaze deep into the free flowing storms and observe the beauty of its natural phenomena!

These beauties are featured on Tribute kens for optimal performance, and include a replacement string and bead.

Due to the unique style of our process, no 2 Solar Storms will ever be identical. The photos are for reference only. While the artistic method stays consistent, each Kendama will feature variations in it’s swirl patterns, dominant colors, and amount of visible woodgrain.

Check them out today in our store.

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Sourmash New Burgundy Paths Just Dropped


We are thrilled to collaborate with Sourmash on a few new Artist Series.  Mash is a creative genius, and a seasoned master with his artistic skills.  He is always coming out with fresh styles and painting techniques perfect for Kendama play.  Sourmash’s customs are well known for their stickyness and durability.

The Path Tamas are each unique masked designs created by Sourmash himself.

The Sourmash Paths are strung on a Tribute Kendama handle for maximum performance.  Each piece includes an extra string and bead set.


Pick one up now at the null

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Thank you Sourmash, from everybody at Kendama USA!

Sourmash hooked up the Kendama USA warehouse employees with some beautiful custom Tributes for Christmas. Everybody was stoked to get them, and we decided to film this quick thank you video outside the warehouse while we broke them in. Support great artists!!!

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Zack Yourd Ceramic Kendama Edit

Really awesome edit of some amazing Kendama work by Zack Yourd. We got to see some of these first hand during Dama Fest, and they are beauties! Keep the creativity flowing!!

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Ube #4 Available now!!

The Artist Series is a new project here at Kendama USA. Our goal is to collaborate with talented artists to create Kendamas that are hand painted at a high quality level that could never be duplicated in mass production. We love working with artists and this series was a natural step that we are absolutely thrilled about. These Kendamas are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art. The hardest part is deciding if you want to put it in a display case, or actually risk playing with it!

We are honored to have Ube Urban collaborate with us on our first ever Artist Series. Ube is a highly skilled industrial designer/painter, and owner of Ube’s Icecream Shop in San Francisco, CA. He is highly sought after for custom paint jobs, and has made quite a name for himself in the Kendama community. All the custom Kendamas in this series are hand painted by Ube himself. There are no duplicates made of the Artist Series designs, so “limited edition” would be an understatement. There is 1 of each. As soon as it’s gone, it’s gone, and the next custom design will be available in it’s place. The intricate detail Ube puts into his work is difficult to capture in photographs or video, and needs to be seen in real life to truly appreciate all the small features.

The 4th Ube custom is an Ozora painted like a deep midnight sky.  A custom blue hue glistens with Ube’s signature ice-cream style paint detailing unlike anything in your collection.

We must stress that these are Kendamas are pieces of art, and are not intended to be children’s toys.  The Artist Series Kendamas use several different materials and paints that are not considered “toy-safe” by US toy standards.  Please enjoy your artwork responsibly.

Artist Series purchases are non-refundable, and shares of the profits go directly to the artist.  Every purchase includes the Artist Series Kendama, an extra string, framed original sketches, and a framed autographed photo.

Available now in our null

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Results are in!

Thanks to everybody who entered the sticker pack challenge!! Congratulations to our 2 winners are Daniel Rhodes, and Adam Kingman.  Each winner will be receiving a $50 voucher toward anything in our store, a Kendama USA Premiere or Pro Model of their choice, a custom engraved Kendama USA wooden plaque, and a Kendama USA Stencil.

The top 3 runner ups will be contacted via email and be receiving a $15 voucher toward anything in our store, and a Kendama USA Premiere or Pro Model of their choice.

In addition, EVERYBODY that entered the contest will be receiving a special discount code for their efforts.

The sticker pack will be available this holiday season in the null!

Check out their designs below!

Designs by Daniel Rhodes

designs by Adam Kingman

Adam Kingman also submitted 2 other designs that will be shown in a project launching this December!

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