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Kendama Club Spotlight: Cherokee Kendama Club – Canton, GA

Meet the Cherokee Kendama Club!

In August of 2017, a young James Matheny had a genius ideaa�� A�to start his very own kendama club at Cherokee High School and (with the help of administration) made that dream a reality!

Cherokee Kendama Club has now grown to 20+ members in just over a month, the club meets bi-weekly in the morning before school starts. It takes some serious dedication to get up extra early to jam some dama, but we know ita��s worth it.

Cherokee Kendama Club likes to give back to the community by giving kendamas to kids who cana��t afford them at school! Isna��t that just the nicest thing youa��ve ever heard?

We asked James what his favorite part about kendama is, his response: a�?The community aspect, ita��s just fun to meet new people who share your passion.a�?

We could not agree more!

And of course, we had to end the interview knowing what players and mod James loves:

His favorite Pro? TJ Kolesnik

His favorite mod? Wyatt Bray Champ Mod

Solid choices.

Keep up with this club on Instagram! @cherokeekendama

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Matt Decoteau Kendama Edit 7

Final finished :) Plenty of bangers plus some quick-shots from my trip to California and around Canton. I wanted to create a higher energy kendama edit and took inspiration from the music video for the song DIE SLOW by HEALTH. All rights to HEALTH

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Friends and Family edit: Carson Valley Edit 2

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Thanks to Stephanie and Greyson for sending us this video.

Local stores were sold out, and so Greyson got creative and made his own version. He’s calling this a Kid-Dama, and gives you a full breakdown about the details. The new name for Mokishame is awesome. Magnetics in full effect!

I think I see a strong future R&D candidate!

Thanks for sharing, and keep having fun!

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It’s Raining Friends and Family Edits!!!

Thanks to everybody for sharing!!!

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Friends and Family Edit from Drew Sanger


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Friends and Family edit from Sam Parker

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Friends and Family video from ALkendama!

Thanks for sharing! The bloopers section at the end is epic. Literally LOL at 6:10

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Jimmy Jacobson Jumbo Edit

New Jumbo edit from Jimmy Jacobson. Sick tricks, and thanks for the shout outs! Lots of Jumbos available null

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Friends and Family edit from Alarii Lopez

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Friends and family edit from Anthony, Ishmail, and Hassan

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New Friends and Family edit from Jonathon McKee

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