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In November 2011, Kendama USA hosted the first ever Dama Fest. Kendama enthusiasts from all over the country, and even Europe came to Atlanta GA for this amazing event. Huge thanks to everybody who showed up and helped support it. This includes the Kengarden, Ozora, Sweets, Deal with It, SourMash, Saga, and of course Kendama USA and Tribute Kendamas. Congratulations to all the winners, and our first champion Sebastian Orrego. Hope to see you there next year.


    What was the trick at 0:46

  • Man I wish I was there! It looked sick. Great job everyone including the filming and the editing! I was wondering what song was used in the video?

  • Im so goin next year

  • just out of cueriosity, where and when is the next dama fest gonna be and when be?

  • You guys have info on the next dama fest? Me and a bunch of my buddies are planning on going but we just want to know where an when, thanks and please comment back

  • OMG I did not even hear about the kendamafest, and actually I was on a kendama team… The waleska kendama team so then I quit and had recently just started agian so I would like to know about the next fest or anything envolving kendama tks

  • I am so going later this year….when will it be this year NEED TO KNOW I have to go!!!!

  • I wanna go but it’s to far away

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