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The 2012 Tribute Team is announced!


Kendama USA is proud to announce the Tribute Team for 2012. We strongly feel that every one of these players is a great representative for Kendama as a whole. Incredible skills, great personality, unique style, desire to teach others how to play, and an overall positive passion for all things Kendama. Much respect to Dave Mateo, Jake Wiens, TJ Kolesnik, and Keith Matsumura for their accomplishments.

Shout outs and big thanks to everybody who helped behind the lenses, and to Jake and the Kengarden for chopping it up!



    when can i buy the tribute ???!

  • When will the new tributes be released?

  • way to go dave!!!!!! I think u rock at ken. I wish u would have won the pro team contest.

  • When the Kendama Tribute gonna bee in the Store ??
    What is the price ?
    This is a good mark or….. ?

    tanks, sorry i’m french but i talk a little bit english

    Christopher ;)

  • if you guys read their posts you would see that the tribute is coming out in june

  • You guys rule. I’m pretty
    Good myself Dave I wanted you to when pro by the we you guys have sweet Kicks to

  • thank Jake to sell me my first kendama ! amazing game !! love from france

  • you guys are awsome

  • That was amazing!!! GReat job guys and maybe you can make another one

  • A friend of mine got a Mugen and a Tribute (from Mr. Sander himself), and the tribute is such a nice kendama to play, I was hooked from the second i touched it.

    I plan to get one and would totally reccommend it to anyone!!

  • Man! I can’t belive how awsome these tribute kendamas are! I just ordered a 5 hole kendama. Can’t wait to have it!


  • This year’s most popular game in sherbrooke (canada) was kendamas 100% of the people in my school had one, no joking!
    love from canada

  • when can i buy a pro model!!!????

  • what song did u guys use for the tribute

  • i have had several damas! i now have the five hole tribute !!!!!!!!!!! i love it thanks tribute

  • U guys are great!!!!! But u need a pro model I say WHITE it’s a sweet color

  • why are their no 3 lined kendamas from tribute in the store cause ive seen them on youtube?

  • What a wonderful site to see your great talent at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan Town San Francisco, my grandson wants (Lucien age 7) to be just like you! I’ll be buying him the Tribute in June… Thanks!

  • They will be available again late May!

  • I played and still have the first tribute. The kendama is sick although it chipped like crazy haha, im looking forward to them. But are you guys going to make any rastas with them? Or any unique kens in the making?

  • I bought a woodgrain tribute a couple weeks ago and love it! I can’t wait to get one of the new painted tributes. You guys at kendamausa are great. Keep it up and I’ll keep on coming back. :D

  • I know Keith, he leaves down the street.


  • proud owner of a white with blue stripe tribute and there great and sticky from the get go

  • is it true that tribute kendamas are more sticky than others i need facts so i dont make a mistake

  • They are really great once they’re broken in well. A bit slick out of the box, just like TK16 or Ozora, but gets better and better the more you play them.

  • Hey Dave man you are sick when it comes to KENDAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken damas are the best.

  • Kendama is my life

  • Dave on a scale 1 to 10 how good do you think you are i give you a big fat, 10!!!

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