Kendama USA

Introducing the 2012 Pro Model Kendamas

Our most anticipated Kendama has arrived.

The 2012 Pro Models are now available!!!

The Kendama USA Pro Team is made up of a distinguished, talented, and positive group of Kendama players. These seasoned veterans have been true innovators, pioneers, and inspirations to the growing number of Kendama players around the world. Each team member has chosen his own unique engraving and tama color for this very special product release.

The 2012 Pro Models use a dense, high quality dark cherry wood for the Tama. This extra weight gives your Kendama a unique feel, sound, and control while playing. Each Pro Team member has his signature laser engraved into the handle. Inside our brand new packaging, you’ll find an envelope stuffed with a handful of fresh stickers, and instruction guide, and and extra string and bead. A portion of every purchase goes directly to that player. Help support your favorite Pro!!!

The Pro Models have been our fastest selling Kendamas to date. Act fast to be sure and get your piece of history! If your local store does not carry Kendama USA products, let them know you want them before they’re gone. You can also order the Pro Models online in our web store HERE.

We have been receiving questions in our inbox daily. We will address some of those specific questions here:

When will the Pro models be out?
NOW!!! Check them out in the store.

What color is Alex Smith’s Pro Model?
This is Alex’s first Pro Model from Kendama USA. He has chose Sage Green as his color. Great pick!

Why did the rest of the team choose the same colors as last year?
We wanted to improve on the Pro Models we produced last year. There have been huge improvements to our manufacturing process, materials, and overall product design. We wanted to re-release the original colors along with Alex’s pro model for our supporters to have a higher quality version of our classic Pro Model.

Will you ever pick new colors for the Pro Models?
Yes. The next version of Pro Models (2013) will have all new colors.

What else is different about this Pro Model series?
We have been tweaking the dimensions of our Ken on each production. Compared to the most recent batch of Tributes (spring/summer 2012), the Pro Model kens have slimmed down just a bit where you grip the ken, and have also thinned down the spike for a precision spiking experience. The Tributes have always been noted for their excellent balance and weight distribution, and the Pro Models are our newest tweak to an already superior Ken.

Will you keep making this version of Pro Models?
We don’t plan to. After this production is gone, we plan to move forward with some of our new ideas for 2013.

Who is the next Pro?
We’ll find out in 2013!!!


    looking so nice, maybe i should try them all one day
    sick edit as well

  • Wow, they come with wi-fi?! Neat feature.

  • The new packaging looks badass.

  • zack yourd pro model just got it. SICK!!!

  • hell yeah ive been w8ing for this since 2011 my turner throne’s kendama allready on the way !!

  • how long does it take for you guys send kendamas to diferent houses.


  • turner thorn is beast im from tahoe

  • when will the white black with triple yellow stripe come out????

  • i ment black not white sorry

  • turner thorne is my favorite player LOVE hes style and the creativity defiantly a PRO hes kendama on the way to mee cant w8

  • Alex Smith is a BEAST.

  • i just got my Alex Smith pro model and i am tearing it up !!!!!!!!

  • Zack Yourd is the BESTTTTTTTTTT

  • wow wish I can have a free pro model

  • ahaha

  • i want a zack your kendama or a collin sander kendama

  • i want a zack yourd or a collin sander pro model kendama

  • i want a zack yourd or a collin sander pro model kendama they look sick

  • awesome I love your Ken Alex smith is smith and zack yourd and all the other pro’s the Kens are so bad ass and so are you guys keep it up. also cant wait till December to get alex smith’s sage green Kendama.

  • Alex Smith is beast! I’m getting his pro model!!!!

  • This thread needs more love for Colin! Just bought myself his cherry wood pro model. Looking forward to tearing it up. Lemon-cherry….yummm :D

  • how u enter the 2013 kendama fest tell me if theres one cause i’m like close to being pro at it

  • oh my god!!! i got it and is so great!! and i was like too scared to drop it an dall that stuff!!.. ya thank you for making this it was great!!!

  • and is there like a tutor haha like to become pro like them??

  • Mom: Who is Alex Smith?
    Me: You don’t know who Alex Smith is?
    Mom: No
    Me: Mom… He is a freaking god!

    Alex Smith is the best!!!!!!! Just got his pro model in the mail! It is super tight! Zack Yourd!!!! You guys are all awsome!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anyone know if the paint chips easy, or at all?

  • Zack yourd is the best kendama player in the world. And he is hilarious Going to get his pro model soon

  • I got a zack yours cherry wood and Alex smith is on the way both amazing

  • Sorry Yourd

  • are you guys going to have a pro contest this year

  • what heppened to jeromy morris


  • PURPLE:)

  • I like Zack yourds urs is a some im going to get ur’s and the purple guy’s it is a good color and i was wondering if u make up a move called roller coster.It is like were ur doing a air plane but keep on throwing it forward two time’s then catch it on base.

  • Just one word to say. EPIC

  • well there only TOTALLY AWSOME There WAAAAAAAAAY better then regular kens I have a tt pm

  • Turner Thorne is beast

  • that where we are wenatchee kendama team movie last night was amazing if you went did you see Turner Thornes amazing trick the spike was on the top of the ball


  • That is ameithing how did thay came up whith thous trekes.

  • that was ameithing how did thay came up with thows treks.

  • that was cool

  • Turner thorne is BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  • unnugu fest!!!!!!!!

  • Hey where can you get a 2012 zack youd pro model

  • My top 5 #1 Turner Thorne #2 Colin Sanders #3 Alex Smith #4 Zack Yourd

  • Sorry top 4

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