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Kendama Club Spotlight – New York YoYo Club

The New York YoYo Club has been meeting every weekend year-round round for over a decade. With a core group of familiar faces, the club is always growing and provides folks with a fun and safe environment for anyone wanting to explore yoyo and other skill toys like Kendama! Many of their members play Kendama so they started a Kendama club as well! You can catch them at Washington Square Park between 2 -4 most Sundays.  Stay updated with events and info by following the New York Yo-Yo Club on Facebook.

A little about the NYYYC, the club was founded 10 years ago by Bronx resident Joseph O’Neil with the goal of introducing people around the city to the fun of yo-yos and is run by President and state YoYo champion, Brian Melford. The club is spreading the Kendama love every weekend and they have helped dozens of players get their first Kendama and continue to introduce the game to anyone that will listen.

Be sure and check them out on IG or go to the next meetup if you live in the area!

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Dave Mateo in Singapore – AP YOYO Championship 2015

Back in June Dave Mateo went to Singapore to demo for the Asia Pacific Yo yo Championship. In collaboration with Spinworkx, Dave was able to capture the lifestyle of two worlds colliding.. YOYO and Kendama. Enjoy his edit full of new experiences from different foods, scenery, HEAT and more. 

From Dave:

“I would like to express my gratitude to Hans and Spinworkx team for the phenomenal hospitality and taking the time to show me what Singapore culture was about. You all have made this trip so memorable and I can’t wait to come back. After attending APYOYO2015 my respect for the YOYO scene had grown to a whole new level.

Another HUGE thank you to KendamaUSA for the continued support of allowing me to represent and travel on behalf of this amazing company. 

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Tuesday Kengarden Session 62414!

Every Tuesday Jake Wiens teams up with San Franpsycho for a kendama and yoyo session! This week Jake busted out the camera and got some clips of everyone that showed up. If you want to join in on the fun, it’s every Tuesday at 505 divisadero San Francisco California from 5-8.


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COTK kendama battle!

It’s really exciting to see how much the Kendama is spreading in Oregon. This past weekend, COTK members Wyatt Bray, Chris June, Gregorio Ramirez and many more hosted a dama battle in Eugene, OR. So many killer players made the trip out from all over Oregon to compete in the ladders and jam for the day.

With the help of Kendama USA, Sweets Kendamas, Kendama Co., Grain Theory and One Drop Yoyos, we were able to send almost everyone home with something new. Stay tuned for more Kendama events in the pacific northwest!

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Kendama USA Welcomes Haley Bishoff to the Tribute Team

For 2014 we wanted to continue growing the Tribute family. Instead of doing a video contest this year, we decided to keep our eyes open for the right person during our travels and events. The Tribute team is one of the most diverse Kendama crews in the world. Each member has their own unique style and personality. The Tribute team travels together, plays together, and evolves together constantly. When it comes to choosing another team member, we look at not only the Kendama play, and but also the type of person you are.

We are very excited and honored to introduce the newest member of the team and family, Haley Bishoff.

Haley has an extensive skill set that that rivals even the most seasoned ninjas. Not only does she slay Kendama, she also is skilled in gymnastics, slackline, yoyo, and epic ba$ketballer videos. She is one of the most chill people to hang with or jam dama and is always down to learn new tricks and teach others. After meeting her a few times on tour and at yoyo events, the whole Kendama USA crew knew it was a perfect match. Haley is Trib.

It was also an unwritten requirement that you be able to do back flips. Haley passed that test with an A+. Welcome to the family Haley!

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2013 Pro Models have arrived

Our most highly anticipated model ever is finally available.

The 2013 Pro Model uses a brand new paint we have been developing for nearly 2 years, and offers a playing experience like no other. The tama gives an unmatched level of grip during Kendama play.

Each Pro has chosen his own unique color, and has his autograph and spirit animal engraved into the handle, so you know it’s a genuine Kendama USA product.

These Pro’s have spent years innovating play, teaching, promoting, and giving back to the Kendama community. You’ll be glad to know that a portion of every sale goes directly to each pro, and helps them continue to progress and push the sport even further.

Every 2013 Pro Model comes with a replacement string and bead set, instructions, and extra stickers. Please note the 2013 Pro Models may come strung left handed, but is quick and easy to re-string back and forth between right and left handed play.

Get ready to take your Kendama play to the next level.

much respect

Buy yours today at our webstore null

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