Kendama USA

2013 Pro Models have arrived

Our most highly anticipated model ever is finally available.

The 2013 Pro Model uses a brand new paint we have been developing for nearly 2 years, and offers a playing experience like no other. The tama gives an unmatched level of grip during Kendama play.

Each Pro has chosen his own unique color, and has his autograph and spirit animal engraved into the handle, so you know it’s a genuine Kendama USA product.

These Pro’s have spent years innovating play, teaching, promoting, and giving back to the Kendama community. You’ll be glad to know that a portion of every sale goes directly to each pro, and helps them continue to progress and push the sport even further.

Every 2013 Pro Model comes with a replacement string and bead set, instructions, and extra stickers. Please note the 2013 Pro Models may come strung left handed, but is quick and easy to re-string back and forth between right and left handed play.

Get ready to take your Kendama play to the next level.

much respect

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    Is the ball still Cherry wood and heavy?

  • Is the ball still heavy like the 2012 model?

  • You guys need to have a ken with Dave mateos name engraved he’s better than all u guys

  • siiiick dude

  • siiiiiick dude

  • Hi KendamaUSA,

    I was wondering if this kendama will be able to get in Europe? Or is it only shipped from the USA?

  • The New Pros Look sooooooooo Awesome!!!! I can’t wait to get my Alex Smith Monkey and Colin Sander Frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Russel – This is an all beech model

  • Kendamas are awesome!!!!!!

  • Do they sell kendamas in Arizona

  • When are you all gonna get some more 2013 pro series?

  • you are all really good at play this awsome game…….but you are not better then me 3 yers pro

  • You guys are craisy the pros are way better than you guys but your probobly very good better than me of course all of the pros and the commenters are very good

  • You guys are awesome both pros and the commenters.

  • Are we to assume that these are being produced at the moment to be marketed at Damafest and shall come back into stock around May12th?

  • when will the 2013 pro models be back in stock?

  • Dave Keith and the others dont hav their own cuz im pretty sure there also sponsored by tribute not only kendama usa

  • When will the 2013 pros be back in stock? Also will you make limited edition all cherry 2013 pros like you did for the 2012 pros?

  • nice were cn you get spirit kendamas other then the website

  • I got my midnight blue spirit fish coming in the mail yea

  • Does anyone have any idea when they’ll have more of these in stock?

  • The Ball is not cherrywood and is not heavy like the 2012 edition
    i got one last week and the ball is very tacky and much fun to play with

  • When will the Pro Models come back in stock?

  • Are you making a 2013 limited edition cherry wood pro model ?

  • when are they going to be back in stock

  • I really am looking forward to getting one but I don’t know if they are even going to be back within the next year can someone tell me anything about when they will be back or even if you guys are going to make more

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