Kendama USA

Hawaii Adventures Volume 1


Hawaii was amazing! I have never seen so many people playing Kendama in my life! 1800 people signed up to the Yo-Dama battle before we had to cut it off. 5000 people total were at the event. Choke players were there! It was great to get some time on Oahu an meet the people and the players. Hawaii is definitely where it’s happenin. Amazing hospitality and kindness from everyone. Huge thank you to Razor Sports and Pearl Ridge Mall for their support and dedication. We will be back soon!

Shoots Brah!


    What kendama was Tj using in the Hawaii adventures vloume 1 at 4:35 in the video?

  • You guys are the best… I would really like to meet you guys really badly

  • i ment them with my dad i was playing with my —– kendama blue strip and black

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