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Round 1 Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all the Round 1 Winners!!! During the Dama Fest weekend, the Pro Team spent hours going over all the edits, and talking about who will move on.  It was really tough this year, with so many exceptional entries.  Prize packages are going out to all our winners next week, as well as some of the other entries that didn’t make the cut, but still stood out to us.  Huge thanks to everybody who took the time to make an entry.  We hope you had as much fun making them, as we did watching them.

The Round 2 details will be announced very soon!   Stay tuned.


Round 1 Winners

Keith Matsumura
Tj Kolesnik
Daniel Robinson
Gus Carstens
Alex Smith
Danny Mason
Gerard Gotgotao
Alex Ramos
Dave Mateo
Thomas Holzer
Jimmy Jacobson
Julian Down
Daniela von Rohr
Damien Klaven



    cant sleep so i decided to look at my life(kendama usa)and was stoked to see this. feelin the sick little minute clip and i knew my boy dave mateo was gonna come through!! props to tj and julian and all the other dudes/girl, cant wait for the round 2 edits!

  • The new pro should be red

  • Alex Smith is the only one that should win! GO ALEX GO ALEX GO ALEX

  • Jimmy jacboson… REALLY?? Julian Down? Gerrard?????? Alex Ramos???????? So confused…. and very disappointed…

  • Ik i didnt make it but did you guys like mine?
    -matt (:

  • All of us in Canton,GA are pulling for u Danny! GO DANNY MASON!!!!!!! P.S. i love eating at moes.

  • Keith Matsumura is the one. He shows great progression throughout his videos, he brings jaw dropping tricks to all his videos. I am not choosing sides at all either. Not to confuse or disorientate the judging in this contest, but a good idea to help bring different perspectives to the final round, is to to have the viewers/the public to vote who should be the winner.(Just a suggestion).

  • Ordered zacks pro model Alex’s and Colin’s pro model the limited edition I love Kendama it is so amazing I love it it’s soo addicting I always play with it and make my edits my inspiration is zack yourd

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