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The Tribute Kendama is here!!


The full Tribute Kendama Line is coming out in February 2012, but we have a limited release this holiday season. The Tributes are the new and improved upgrade from the Kendama USA Premiere Line.

These high quality Kendamas use only the best beech wood which is FSC certified, to ensure sustainable forestry practices. We have improved the handle assembly to create the strongest Ken ever made. Unlike older traditional style Kendama handles, this contemporary style does not separate during play, and simplifies the re-stringing process. The Tribute can be re-strung between right and left handed play simply and easily without taking the handle apart.

We now use a much higher quality string, which is custom woven with high quality fibers and offers more strength and flex during play. The handle has also been beveled to reduce friction, and eliminate the need for string guards.

The Ken is now thicker toward the middle of the handle, improving the balance and weight distribution for many tricks including lunars.

Every Tribute Kendama comes in professional packaging, and includes an instruction manual in English, free stickers, plus a replacement string and bead pack.

We have been experimenting with dozens of new paint techniques for the Tribute Kendamas. Please note that the paint on this limited release of Tributes does tend to chip a bit quicker than the much-improved paint that will be used on the Kendamas coming out in February.


    si soy de México como puedo hacer un pedido a alguna tienda?

  • If u have not Yet had a Chance to play one of these buy one
    They are amazing completly solid good paint and awsome quality ive had mine about 2 weeks
    Now and still holding strong buy a tribute u wont regret it

  • does the red ruby tribute kendama also has the tribute sign?

  • yes. it’s on the other side. Each has the Tribute sign on one side, and the KendamaUSA logo on the other.

  • No tenemos una tienda en Mexico ahorita, pero podemos enviar a Mexico via la oficina de postal.

  • lo siento mi espanol es muy mal! jaja

  • i just bought the aqua tribute for xmas, i cant wait its gonna be so awesome. I wish it would come here soner though.

  • i also just ordered a tribute for xmas and i am stoked. i already have a premere line and it is awesome so an even better verson of it will be even better.

  • I have two questions for KendamaUSA, 1st, when is the winner of the contest going to be announced, and 2nd, what do you use to edit your vids, its try to slow motion in the middle of the vid, but i cant with Windows Movie Maker… please answer :)

  • @KendamaKid i had windows movie maker and you cannot slo mo in the middle of a clip with that. i use a mac and it allows amazing edit skills. sorry.

  • I actually edit all my edits with WMM and u can slow down in the middle…. its actuly quite easy

  • I have had my Red tribute since December 24 and I love it. I have heard that the paint isn’t as good as the Ozoras paint, is this true?

  • i have a question for kendama usa, what is the difference between the tribute that is out now and the one coming out in February. i heard some rumors that say the paint job is better quality on the one coming out in February is that true plz reply.

  • It is true they use regulaur paint on the new ones
    like on the normal kendamas

  • hey, what is the exact date of the when the new tribute line is coming out?

  • You guys should make mor tk16 colors plzz

    P.S a rasta one would be nice with tk16 wood you Guys are awesome !$$$$

  • Which is better to get? Tribute, Sunrise or Tk16. I’m new to Kendamas.

  • It’s February! Is the new batch of Tributes out yet??

  • When are the tributes coming out? are the paint jobs gonna be better then the sunrise ?I really wanna get the black and orange one

  • when will the tribute come out?

  • What day in February does the new kendama tribute line come out?

  • Are you guys still going to sell cheese kendamas with the tribute line ?

  • what better these or the pro models

  • Can you guy’s please tell me what day in February the new tribute Kendama’s are going to be out, thanks.

  • When in February will the tributes be out, I can’t wait, please respond thanks.

  • why are the tribute kendamas not posted on the store



  • im in need of a new kendama and i really want to get either a pro or a tribute but i cant wait any longer! when are the tributes supposed to come out again cause i need another kendama… and which is better the pro or tribute?

  • Kendama USA are you gona release more colors then just the 7 you have?

  • How can i order a tribute? i would like one really bad… but they arent on the website anymore… Thanks


  • When do the tribute Kendamas come out? Email me the answer

  • fart

  • Its already late into February, when will these be released?

  • Are you guys going to sell the 5 hole Tributes at the same time as the other Tributes or are you guys not going to be selling those?

  • when is the new tribute line coming out ?

  • March is coming in 4 days and the Tributes arent released!!! if you are waiting longer to release them, can you please tell us when they will actually be available?

  • ahhhhhh! i need a tribute! hury up and get here!

  • When are the tributes going to be released???

  • when can i buy one of these babies ! someone please answer !

  • I really badly want a tribute but they aren’t in the stores! please get this sale up and running

  • when will the tributes coming out I can’t wait to get the blue with a black stripe?

  • Hey thanks about the tribute kendama I was also wondering if you can put Friends Edit of ALKendama 2 on please and thanks again

  • When are the tributes coming out Im dieing to get one please tell me when there gonna come out


  • Tribute kens are so awesome!!! And i cant
    wait until the pro models come back out
    gonna get one for sure… Back to tributes
    though… Probably one of the most durable
    kendamas in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are classic kendamas better than the tribute ? I have heard that tribute kendamas sucks…. please answer! I dont believe that tributes sucks.

  • The tribute kendamas are of better quality than the classics.

  • Im from pr do you guys have stores in puerto rico??

  • What kendama you guys recomend for lighthouses??? Please answer

  • We don’t have any stores in the PR currently but if you know of popular toy stores there let us know!

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