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Introducing the KAIZEN Kendama

KAIZEN.  The Japanese philosophy of constant improvement.

To us, Kaizen is about striving to become better than we were yesterday, even in the smallest details.  It’s about never giving up, and never settling for mediocrity.  The Kaizen mindset inspires us to continuously refine our craft, and stay focused on creativity and innovation.  Since Kendama USA was founded, we have approached our Kendama play, our products, and our company with this concept at our core.  We have come a long way since we started, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. With input from players all over the globe, we have made improvements to our production process, our handle shape, and the finest details of our products.  The result is a premium Kendama specially crafted for the serious enthusiast. Each part of this Kendama was meticulously thought out by the Kendama USA team with the future of Kendama play in mind.

The Kaizen Kendama features a 3 piece construction with traditional Japanese handle assembly. We have updated the Ken shape for precision balance, and the tama bevel has been widened for enhanced play. We’re also excited about our refined silk paint, which adds extra durability and grip. Balance and spike length were a very important consideration when designing this line. On many of our favorite classic style Kendamas, it would be really frustrating when the spike length was perfect out of the bag, but would settle far too low on the Ken after playing for a few days. The Kaizen bevel intentionally starts shorter out of the box, so that it will settle into an ideal length after a few jam sessions without easily going past the “point of no return”.

We are proud to finally release the KAIZEN Kendama. Available today in beech, padauk, and cherry wood models. Get yours today in our online shop HERE.


    This is amazing! Thx for creating this :) . I would really like one of these but my parents won’t let me have one. DM me on Instagram @jordanangin if u r able to send me one. All my friends have one and I really like them. I can do airplanes, lighthouses, gunslinger, ken flips, and much more. I had a lot of practice with my friends. And if u could follow me on Instagram that would be awesome too. Thanks, Jordan.

  • Hi Kendama USA ,

    Last week , I finally manage to get to test out a Kaizen , Cherry Wood White Silk. First of all , it was amazing. I really like the weight distribution from the Tama all the way to the end of the ken. It was really good and good job on that.

    Any good items are always sold like hot cakes , so currently in Malaysia (not to forget , Japan) has ran out of Kaizen Cherrywood White Silk. I even checked your webstore and it is sold out too. By any chance you will be reproducing another batch because I would really love to get my hands on it. It’s by far the best Kendama I’ve ever tried.

    Adam Hamzah
    Owner of Wyvern Strings

  • Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the kind words. We will definitely be making more Kaizen Cherry Whites, we plan on having more available later this month or early next month.
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  • When is the white cherrywood kendama going to be it stoke

  • Hi kendama USA,

    Hi I’m spencer Gerst and I was just wondering when the cherrywood white silk would be back on the market I just tried an all cherry and love the weight. Thanks so much.

    Sincerely, spencer Gerst

  • How heavy is a kaizen beachwood kendama?
    Thank you.

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