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Joris Schweppes the win @ SpikeDama 8!

Tribe team member Joris Schweppe sweeps the win at SpikeDama 8. Gloken presented him with his first Musou, a limited Keyaki Mugen Musou Kendama.

Here is what Joris had to say about his experience there:

“SpikeDama 8 was a blast!  There were players from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Czech republic, Denmark and Japan. Zoomadanke  came to the event along with Yuka from Gloken and there was even a professional DJ. This made SpikeDama 8 the most international event and in the Netherlands so far.

The tournament was a Gloken Cup styled competition and I had some great competition from the Kromies;  Rol S Ganer and Theo Baunsgaard. In the final I was competing against Yan Kud from Russia. I had a great time and got the opportunity to meet some amazing players and made friends across Europe. This was the best SpikeDama so far and can’t wait for the next. ”

-Joris Schewppe
Kendama USA Tribe”


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