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Kendama USA Doubles Contest Winners Announced

Thanks to everybody who took the time to enter the Kendama USA Doubles Contest. The entries were awesome to watch, and (as always) tough to judge. Props to everybody for getting active and making an entry.

So here it is, our top 3 Winners!!

3rd Place

Daniella Rohr and Thomas Holzer

Click HERE to watch

2nd Place

Jimmy Jacobson and Mikey Vrana

1st Place

Li ho Cheung & Smore Chan


Li ho and Smore will be the proud new owners of :

- 2 new Sakura style Kendamas, new from Ozora
- 2 Tribute Kendamas of choice (non custom)
- 2 T-shirts of choice
- 2 New Color String Packs
- 2 Sticker packs and poster packs

Congratulations Guys!

To all our winners, please let us know which Tribute Kendamas you choose, your shirt sizes, and your color preferences.


Because we enjoyed the entries so much, we have decided to give away even more prizes. These judges selections will all be receiving 2 New Color String and Bead Packs and some of our brand new stickers!!!

Drumroll please….

Best Battle Award

Marcus Villagran & Joseph Quintos
Watch Full Video Here

Favorite Flip award

Samuel & Albert
Watch Full Video Here

Long Distance Space Walk award

Chaz Edwards & Hesse Hensley
Watch Full Video Here

Maximum Stoke Award

Jordan & Jerimiah
Watch Full Video Here

Sly Camera Tricks award

Chad & Brad Covington
Watch Full Video Here

Girl Power Award

Delilah & Selina
Watch Full Video Here

Most Intense Unboxing Award

Thomas Page & Pat Metcalf
Watch Full Video Here

Switch Grip Swag award

Alex & Isaiah
Watch Full Video Here

Steezy Syncro award

Chris Ruaboro & Steven Braun
Watch Full Video Here

Funnest, Friendliest Humans award

Terry & JiJan from SuperFriends Kendy
Watch Full Video Here

Stay Tuned to the website for our next awesome contest!!! Thanks everybody.

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