Kendama USA

Tribute Kendama featured on GlowPanda

Thanks to GlowPanda for featuring the white Tribute Kendama on their website today.



  • Kendama USA, do you know when the 2012 pro models are gonna be restocked?

  • 2012 Models are not in production any more. We produce each series for 1 year only. We will have more 2013 models back in stock very soon.

  • Kendamaniacs.

    I want to buy my first Kendama. From HOURS & HOURS of research I have come to the conclusion that I (might) want to get a green Ozora. I KNOW they are quality made and that the company uses good woods. I like the fact that the Ozora’s tama is made of cherry, and that it’s JKA official.

    I’d get an AMERICAN Tribute Kendama if I knew that the craftsmanship was equal to that of the Japanese Kendamas. From what I’ve seen, the Japanese obsess over quality and precision, therefore making a better Kendama than the average.
    Can this be said about the Tributes?! I’m all in if so. Especially on the new stickies with the glossy look. Those are pretty rad.

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