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YWCA Kendama Giveaway!

Zach Porter Recently held a Kendama giveaway at the South Carolina YWCA! Here are some words from Zach about the event.


I Got there and showed the kids there a few quite tricks to get them hyped about it, and then let them pick out their favorite color.

Taught them all the basics, big cup, small cup, base cup. They caught on quickly, especially one kid, Jay.

Lined them up and told them to hold their kens upward, spin their ball and then let it stop and spin the other way for easier spikes, two of them got it first try.

Jammed with them and individually helped out each one. Even the the advisers wanted to try and ended up loving it.

At this time, kids in the room that the director of the YWCA said were too young to participate) were all lined up at the window watching and going crazy over the tricks.

Kept teaching them tricks, and had a little spike off. The winner won a mini tribute.

Afterwards we played for ten more minutes and I ended up teaching Jay how to lighthouse. Within his first 30 minutes of playing he stuck a lighthouse (I was jelly).

Snagged a picture with them and that sums it all up.

Having another event with about 150 kids at the same place around the beginning of May


Thanks Zach and the YWCA for spreading the Kendama love!


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    You guys are great. If you come to SLC.Please contact me..

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