Kendama USA

Introducing the Kendama USA V4 Pro Models

We’re excited to introduce the 4th Series of Kendama USA Pro Models.

We have poured years of passion, and months of effort into refining this product. The V4 Pro Models were specifically designed by each Pro to represent their personal style, concepts, and individuality. They all feature improvements to shape, durability, balance, and performance. The 5 Kendama USA Pro Players are featured in this series: Colin Sander, Zack Yourd, Turner Thorne, Alex Smith, and Jake Wiens.

We hope you like these products as much as we do. Get yours today in the Kendama USA Online Shop.


    Really Cool Kendama that is great for light house and lunar. Ball is soft and so is the Tama also. Overall the best Kendama i have ever had.

  • I like them they’re very squishy JK.The new rubberized tama has a great texture and it’s way easier to do balance tricks on it

  • I love these kendamas! I got a Zack Yourd Pro Model v4, A Tribute Half-Split, a Blue Ozora, and a BLK Beeswax. Of all these damas, I love the Zack Yourd Pro Model the best! The Sassafras wood is super light and great for spacewalks, handrolls, and fingerrolls, and the silky tama is great for lunars and lighthouses. From now on, I will only by KendamaUSA kendamas!

  • I bought the turner throne pro model. It is super sticky and balanced like none other. It is way easy to do lighthouse, lunars, and stilts. The ball is super duper soft and the ken is balenced good. This is my favorite company… Ive tried alot and this is my favorite one.

  • Yeah the ball is really poppy it makes me want to fly

  • Kendama Is My Fav Toy Im Addicted To It.I Managed to do 400 spike in a week

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